Sunday, March 11, 2007

Weekend Update

This has been a BUSY weekend. Friday, I went to help at the junior high class, but only stayed an hour this time. I left early because some friends from church, aka H's clients, were prepping for an open house and I went to help the wife clean and straighten up. I first picked up some cardboard boxes for her, picked up my kiddos from school, and hauled them and the boxes with me to her house. Once there, I helped her pick up and then began on her walk-in closet. She had cleaned it up a bit, but there was still a lot that could be done. I ended up rearranging some of the clothes, grouping them together by color and stowed the extra hangers out of sight. I then folded and grouped the clothes and bags on the shelf. Finally, we packed away half the shoes in the closet and arranged the stuff on the floor. She was really impressed with the results. She didn't think it could get that clean.

I then did the same thing to her kids' closet. And finally, I organized her washroom shelves, which housed gift bags to cleaning products. By then, we had been cleaning for about 5 hours, so I took the kiddos to eat and went home. But I have to say, I completely enjoyed myself. It felt really good to do some hard, physical work for a change. I'm usually spending my time on reading texts and writing papers. That side of my brain definitely needed a break. So, that night me and the kids rented movies and got pizza.

Saturday, I had promised the kids that I would take them to see "Happy Feet" at the dollar theater. So, we went to an 11:30 show. Afterwards, I hit a secondhand clothing store that I LOVE for a new(ish) pair of jeans. My last pair from there are completely worn out (button is missing and both knees are naked). The kids were good to put up with this little excursion. After trying on a few things, I found a great pair of jeans that are really long (bonus) and a LONG red shirt that is super cute and perfect for going clubbing for the Hen Party. Tiny was in the dressing room with me and she let me know that she didn't really like the shirt because she said it's not big enough for my belly. Ouch. So, I'll do some crunches before I leave. It's worth it.

H called after I spent too much money and asked if I could come cover his open house for a little while so he could show some houses. I quickly put on my cute new outfit with some heels and headed over. I had about 5 people come through while I was there and I had fun chatting with them and showing them around. We closed up the open house at 4 pm and H asked us to come with him to show some houses since he was tired and fading fast from helping the clients finish up their house at 7am. He didn't think he would be able to drive for long, so we tagged along. We were tracking down addresses and walking around houses for about two hours.

We then drove around for over an hour trying to find an Applebee's that wasn't crammed full of people waiting for a table. We had a delicious meal, dessert, and then headed to the dollar theater (the second trip for me and the kids that day). We (I) decided on Rocky Balboa. Mock me if you must, but it's a classic series. I LOVE the fact that Sylvester Stallone wrote the movies. While I greatly enjoyed this last installment, I felt that in parts of the story, the writing felt rushed and unresolved. But this comes from someone who has yet to write a full story. The kids were exhausted from the day and didn't even make it half way through the movie. The movie ended after midnight, we went home, and collapsed on the couch.

As busy and enjoyable as the weekend has been, I have not done a lick of homework or housework. The weekend is about to start and I am already behind. They really need to make 3-4 day weekends the norm.

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