Monday, March 26, 2007

A Moment for Procrastination

This is my last attempt at putting off my theory paper that is due tomorrow morning. I'm predicting an all-nighter with another energy drink. It doesn't help that the prof let us know that this would be the hardest paper we write all semester. With only about 5 weeks left til graduation, the thought of wearing the cap and gown and walking the stage is keeping me going.

As for summer classes, I was looking up the classes needed for a math endorsement last week. Due to prerequisites for the courses needed, I can't see myself actually going forward with the math. The prereqs will double the courses, including some higher level math that I didn't plan on. I don't have it in me. I like math, but only to a certain degree, then I'm just hopeless. It looks like I will be taking a short break from school until I enter grad school next year. I haven't skipped any semesters for about 3 years. What will I do, you ask? WORK. I haven't worked a continuous job in about 2 years. Even then, I don't think I've ever worked anywhere for longer than 6 months. Not very promising, huh? I plan to substitute teach starting in the fall and continuing through spring. For the summer, I may delve into that home staging/organizing opportunity. Work will definitely be necessary though since my student loans will be going into repayment. No fun.

Well, I've successfully delayed my paper for about 15 more minutes. No more excuses. Hope you have a better day than I will.

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