Sunday, March 04, 2007

A pretty good weekend

It's been a good weekend so far. Since I have no Friday class, I count Thursday as my Friday. Friday, I went to help at the junior high class. I am still feeling really useful with the students and am learning a lot. Friday night, I went to the pub with the LonDolls. We ate, laughed, and planned our trip for Spring Break for about two hours. We're hoping to go to Denver to visit Hobby and to also have a Hen Party (bachelorette party) for Nobby before she gets hitched. We were trying to come up with costume ideas, because you have to dress up in costume for a Hen Party. We saw quite a few themes in Dublin, including a group of women wearing headbands with two coils that came off the top (like antenna) with two male genitalia on the ends. Trippy was insistent that we not wearing anything of that sort and I was inclined to agree on drawing the line at wearing genitalia on my head. We ultimately decided that the bride-to-be would be an angel and the rest of us will be devils. We will dress up and go clubbing for a night. It is very odd to see a huge ring on Nobby's finger and to know that I won't be the only married gal anymore. I'm really happy for her though. You can tell if a guy is good for your friend when they are still their fun selves or even more so. I don't think she can talk about her guy without smiling.

We also talked about Hobby's new modeling career. She has finished her classes and had her portfolio shots taken this weekend. We got a sneak peek on her camera and she looked so different with all the makeup and done up hair. It was exciting to see and hear about though. So, after dinner, half of us went to the theater and saw Casino Royale. Now, I'm not much on James Bond. I've never really watched a whole movie. But this one was excellent. All the action was exciting and it was very pleasing to look at the new Bond. He is quite satisfactory. After that, we sat and chatted a while longer, then drove back to our cars. Overall, it was a great night, full of laughs. It is getting increasingly harder to schedule get-togethers as we all become busier with school, work, and relationships. I think we will always try to come together though.

Today, Mody came over and we had a Heroes marathon. She had missed the last 5 episodes because of our new school schedules. After watching it last week, I knew I couldn't just tell her what was happening and had to have her watch it. We ate junk food and watched about 4 hours of online tv. We were crosseyed when we were done, but it was fun. Before she had arrived, I managed to clean my living room, the main bathroom, the front hall and the kitchen. I was pretty pleased with myself. Unfortunately, I have yet to even look at my homework. There's tomorrow, I guess.

I also felt like a complete heel when I called my mom and realized that I had forgotten her birthday a few days ago. I felt like crap. H's mom has the same bday as her and he said that he had tried to call her a few days ago and was unsuccessful. You'd think we would remember it a little better since they are on the same day. Being mom though, she was quick to forgive.

Well, better hit the hay before I fall aslepoipoiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.....just kidding. Good night.

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