Monday, June 22, 2009


Heya! Quick update. We are headed to South Carolina in July. The company is sending the team to a different office in Greenville and so we are pulling up the stakes and heading south for the last month of the summer. H is contracted to work until the end of August, so we'll be in SC for about 6 weeks. It's only a four hour drive from our current abode and the kids will both be done with school. So, I'm hoping that it will be a smooth move.

Other than that, the computer is still kaput, but we have a tv now. H is working hard. Little Man is working on his 5th tooth and is walking everywhere. Tiny is finishing up school. Mister has begun his summer relaxation. And I am taking it all day to day. I get a bit homesick sometimes, and definitely feel cooped up most days. But the other ladies here are great and the kids keep me plenty busy. I'll try to update with more pics later. Hope you're all doing well too.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lest you believe...

that I have succumbed to all the bad news in my last post, I figured I should update. Nothing has really changed, other than successfully staving off mastitis. Which I give no small amount of thanks for. But, I'm hoping that my outlook on everything else will be changing for the better. I've noticed more and more lately that I am becoming a very negative, whiny, unhappy person. And I realized, after reviewing some recent conversations during which I complained quite a lot, that I would hate to have to be around me everyday. People that only focus on the negative and constantly complain would definitely get my sympathy and a prayer of hope that thing turn around for them, but it might cause me to avoid them every once in a while. Because, let's face it, they bring you down.

Well, I certainly do not want to be someone that even I wouldn't like hanging around. So, I am going to be trying harder to better at this. So, if I put up any whiny posts, call me on it.

Big news: Little Man is officially walking. He's been taking random numbers of steps for the past few weeks, but something just clicked for him today while we were at church. It was like he figured out that he could do it and stood himself up and went for it. He went longer than ever before without falling or having help. And when he did fall, he's stand righ back up and do it again. It was awesome. I'll have to post a video of it soon. He'll be 11 months in a week.
He is also putting the phone (toys, bottles, brushes, and his hand) to his ear and saying, "e-loooo." (That's "hello" for those not fluent in baby.) It's so cute. He is also waving hello and goodbye. He's becoming such a little man.

Happy update: Tiny turned 9 this week. She is growing into such a wonderful person. On her birthday, we had a special breakfast with pancakes and bacon. She got a new outfit and new coloring books. Then she had to go to school, but after, we surprised her with a huge dollhouse that her Mamaw and Papaw send her. She was so surprised and I got it all on video. We took her to the science museum, one of her fav places. H took the day off to spend it with her and she liked that a lot. That night, I made her fav dinner, chicken and dumplings, and we had carrot cake. She went to bed with a smile on her face. Saturday, she had her party. We rented the theater room here at the apartments and she had four friends over for a movie, popcorn, pizza, cake and ice cream. They had a great time. I think she was pretty pleased with her celebrations this year.

I have so many more pictures that I want to post, but it's 11:24 p.m. and I need to head back to the apartment. I sooo miss my computer.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Roller Coaster Ride

Good news: I may be able to salvage the computer if I can get a new monitor to hook it up to.

Bad news: Our house isn't selling, like we were told last week. Instead, the buyers are scrambling to get a new loan approved.

Good news: I sold H's car and have a little money for Tiny's bday this week.

Bad news: I am trying really hard to not succumb to mastitis. If you don't know what it is or don't have kids, don't look it up. The search result pictures will be burned into your brain.

Such is life.