Sunday, March 11, 2007

Many Blessings Coming My Way

I have some amazing things coming my way.

1. Today, I started teaching a class at church. I will be doing this once a month. I was nervous, but I really enjoyed it and was told by many of the ladies at church that I did well.
2. This Friday, me and the LonDolls will be loading up my car and roadtripping to Denver. I see mixed CDs, lots of junk food, and a ton of laughs coming my way.
3. Friday, I got an advertisement from my university bookstore for my graduation garb. It hit me that in less than two months, I will be walking that line and it will be the completion of a long journey. I fully plan on having a HUGE party afterwards; family, friends, and a lot of music and food. Not to mention that my parents will be here! I can't wait to send out the invitations and buy my cap and gown. Yay!

Man, I have a lot of blessings coming my way and a lot of work in between. Is there any better way to be? This is great.

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