Monday, March 19, 2007


We got back today at around 2pm. It was a looooong drive home even though it took the same amount of times as when we left. It felt long because we had to wake up at 5am to leave by 6am, before Hobby left for school. We had such a blast though. Friday, we arrived in Denver at about 4pm and relaxed a bit. In preparation for our night out, we then stopped by the store for fake eyelashes and at an ATM for cash. We returned to the apartment, got dressed, made ourselves up, and primped. We also put on our "hen party" outfits of devils and angels.

Nobby, the bride, was wearing a hotsy totsy outfit consisting of a very short black skirt, lacy black top, and black stilletos. All of this was complimented with wings, a halo, and a "Bride To Be" button. About a million snapshots later, we finally headed out the door for dinner. We ate Thai and it was fab. Again, we took another million snaptshots of each other in our garb.

After dinner, we headed the "The Church", a very popular club situated in an old cathedral-like church. It had three levels of music, in-house dancers and a fashion show, and a sushi bar. It was pretty impressive. We stuck together, danced to some body shaking music, and avoided creepy old men on the dance floor. We stayed until about 12:30. I know that is pretty early, but one gal doesn't like clubs, another's feet were killing her, and you have to remember that we're Mormon and don't drink. We had our fun and headed out. On our way out, we witnessed a man layed out on the sidewalk, bleeding profusely from his head and shoulder. Apparently, he was pretty drunk and fell off the terrace that is about a good 11 feet tall. He had plenty of help and maybe a little more common sense after that. We went home, changed, and fell asleep after chatting.

Saturday, we awoke to a gourmet breakfast of yogurt parfaits and quiche (Hobby is in a culinary academy). It was delicious. We took our time getting ready for the day and having fun just talking and joking around. We drove to Boulder and visited Pearl Street. Apparently, this street is featured in the new movie "Catch and Release" with Jennifer Garner. It is a long pedestrian street full of shops and restaurants, music and street performers. It was great to walk through so many eclectic clothing, record, and home decor shops. The only thing I bought was a journal that has "seductive" quotes about love, lust, and life. I can't resist a great quote. After the shopping, we ate a late lunch at a pub. Then we went for dessert of crepes that were not that great, but better than the service where we got them. Before seeing a movie, we killed time at Brookstone in the massage chairs. Nobby found an exercise device that when used properly, resembles bullriding and a bit naughty. We laughed quite a lot about that. The movie was picked by Nobby also and was "Premonition". This was awful. Four of us left the movie depressed and a bit traumatized. It was bad enough that Nobby can't pick the movies anymore. Needless to say, she was teased mercilessly for the rest of the night about that movie. We went home, watched a happy movie and fell asleep.

Sunday, we got up later, ate another gourmet breakfast of swedish pancakes and sausage links and eggs with bacon. We got ready for afternoon church and left about 1pm for it. After church, we went home, changed, and hung out. We were served baked pasta shells with meat sauce and cheeses, rolls, and salad. We played a game for a while, watched movies, and I had a visit from a high school friend that is living in Denver. I haven't seen her in about 3 years and that was only for a few hours. Before that, I hadn't seen her in about 7 years. It was a nice short visit. Me and the girls then exchanged some pics on cds, packed, and crashed. We left early this morning and are now back home. I picked the kids up from school and Tiny ran into my arms when she saw me. I missed them a lot. H let me know he really missed me too. For the rest of the day, we showed two houses to some clients/friends, then picnicked with them. I am one tired woman. But I had a blast this weekend. The other girls did too.

I am now eating this:

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Whitney said...

I like your account of the events. :D And I'm Hobby! ;)

amisare waswerebeen said...

Thanks for the correction. I changed it. I often confuse you and Nobby. Love you.