Thursday, May 18, 2006

Welcome back to Sanity! May I take your coat?

I have finally returned to my sanity and find the view marvelous. For those not in the 'know', I had planned a summer filled with 3 condensed calculus courses, one after the next...(starting to understand the sanity quip now?). Well, that plan lasted about three days. It crumbled when I sat down to study for the first of four midterms and realized that I did not understand half the material covered in the preceding lectures...not good. So, needless to say, I had a nervous breakdown (Hobby-style). I love the material, and I know that I can do it, but definitely not while it's in the super-condensed soup version (I need the watered-down broth version). I have also realized that I haven't taken trig previous to now, which would help a lot and is incidentally, a prereq to the calculus.

So, I had my first trig class today, dropped the condensed calcs, and signed up for a term length calc with a short term english course that doesn't start til the second half. Life is good. Instead of sweating about a midterm today that I was completely unprepared for, I am sitting, taking a breath, and untying the knots in my brain that the last few days have caused. I contribute this rearrangement to God and His infinite wisdom and love in His guidance of my life. He knows me best and knows what's best. He makes it happen for us and I am so appreciative cause, without Him in my life, I'm like a hiker without a compass....a cadillac without a navigation map....a commuter without get the idea (I hope).

You know, I realized yesterday that I know a ton of people that are having babies this fall. Five people in my family (NO, I'm not pregnant, Londolls!) and at least one best friend are all pregnant. It's amazing. There hasn't been a baby in so long and now all at once. And in the spirit of my habit of making commitments that I will likely procrastinate, I have decided to make them all baby quilts for each baby. I will use a pattern that is my own design and make each different in some way within the design. My brother actually doesn't want to know the sex of the baby even though everyone else knows. Don't worry, Chris,....I won't reveal it. If you are on a baby watch in my direction, you can take about a 3-5 year break from your ain't happening for a while. I'm enjoying the kiddos I have and am in no rush.

Well, I will close for now but am quite proud of myself for actually posting this much. Love to all from Sanity Land and Tranquility Island!

Friday, May 05, 2006

We now bring you back to your regularly scheduled...

I know, I's been too long since my last post. Sue me, tax me, hang me by the toes from the rafters. I'm on break now from school for almost two weeks and am loving it. It took a couple days of recuperating and I'm better. I'm still not nearly ready for all the calculus I'm about to take though. Fun, fun.

We just got back from an open house for Hobby's graduation. I got a bit depressed the other day when I realized that she accomplished a degree at the age of almost 20 that I've been working on for almost 8 years now. A bit of a downer, but it's cool. At least the end is now somewhat in sight though. I'm so proud of her...graduating with honors and soon to head off to Europe for her Masters. *tear* Her open house was really fun, with lots of food and good laughs.

Our other LonDoll, Mody, is on her way to South America tomorrow for a month for fun and to bone up on her Spanish. I'm going to miss her, but she'll be converting to the U in the fall....YAY! I had a dream the other night that I was worried that my ordered textbook wouldn't arrive before I went on my next study abroad. And then I remembered that I'm going to be stuck here taking math classes and not on a study abroad. Kind of a bummer realization, but oh well.

I've actually managed to receive a stream of A's on my final assignments and if that wouldn't cheer a person up, I don't know what would.

Well, I would continue on with much still to tell, but the hour chimes and the bed beckons. Adieu!