Friday, March 23, 2007

My Pleasure(s)

Some of my pleasures in life: House: Interesting story lines, especially with men this good-looking. I saw Hugh Laurie in Stuart Little and in some BBC shows. For some reason, he wasn't nearly as sexy playing a nice guy.
London: This study abroad was the best thing I have ever done (behind hubby and kiddos). I loved every minute of it and would do it again in a second.Aston Martin: Ok, so I don't have an Aston Martin and I probably never will. But it sure is nice to look at and its hum quickens the pulse.
George Strait: I've adored this man for some time. George Strait has had over 50 #1 hits in his career, more than any other artist, in any genre. Not to mention that he looks great in his Wranglers.

Movies: Now, if I was asked what my favorite movie genre was, I would say Comedy or Action. But, ironically, my two favorite movies are Romantic Comedies, which I would have listed last. But I could watch these movies over and over and over again.Long Hair: I can't believe how long my hair grew when I was in London. I think it was only this long because I couldn't afford to visit the salon. I'm currently trying to grow it out again. It's kinda sexy like this.
Heroes: Can we say "addiction"? I've been completely sucked into this story and am counting the days until the new episodes.

Graduation: I will be walking that line in about 6 weeks to get my Bachelors. It will be the conclusion of about 9 years of work; through babies, work, and breaks. I'm predicting tears.
Tees and Games: I love funny t-shirts. I browse a few websites regularly that sell hilarious tees. I'll have to post them soon. Simultaneously, I really am a word nerd. I love word games and am usually the designated "spell check" for my husband. Once I read a word, it's in my head a photographic memory, but only with words.
These are a few of the things that bring me joy and keep me sane.


Chris said...

Congratulations on your degree :-)

Did you like the London Eye? It's a terrific view up there isn't it?

Thanks for dropping by my blog most days - say hello occasionally ;-)

amisare waswerebeen said...

Will do. I enjoy your blog a lot. I loved the Eye...not a cheap ride, but worth the view. Thanks for the congrats.