Sunday, February 26, 2006

London Underground and Flapjacks

Had to share another fav pic from London. This is the tube in the London Underground. (Yes, like the ones that were bombed recently.) A gal from school went to London recently and brought back me and Hobby some flapjacks. For those not in the know, they are sort of like small oatmeal bars in different flavors that have almost a full day's worth of calories and carbs. They can replace a full meal by themselves. I love them but somehow, my family wasn't that impressed with them. I don't think they were sweet enough or big enough for them. But when we were in London (land of few condiments) we thought they were "the most". YUM...right along with Hobnobs and McVities. YEAH!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

A Saturday Full of Love

Well, I have finally found a movie that Colin Firth is in where I don't care for his character. I'm not saying that his acting was bad, it just made me dislike him...unheard of for the YUMMY Colin Firth. Can you guess what it is? Shakespeare in Love. I've only seen bits of it before and had the honor tonight of watching it in its entirety. I LOVE that movie. Not for the love story so much, but for the story of the theater and the play being put together. It made me love Romeo and Juliet. I love when they finally act it out for an audience and you see what the real audiences reactions may have been like when Romeo and Juliet was presented for the first time. The longing, the love, the tears. Amazing! It inspires me to write. And you, the readers of my blog, get to reap the fruits of that inspiration. Lucky you, eh?

We saw another movie tonight at the dollar theater...Fun with Dick and Jane. I know, I know...not the best movie in the world, but I enjoyed it a lot. I know it doesn't have the theatrics and emotion of Memoirs of a Geisha or Shawshank Redemption. But hey, sometimes you just want to laugh and who better to make you than Jim Carrey. Fun for the whole family.

I went crazy today at Savers. It's the most awesome thrift store...besides Pib's Xchange, but that's just clothes. I ended up spending $55 and more than an hour in there. I only stopped cause the kids were looking a little ragged. However, they got they're choice of toys and I got some new(ish) curtains, a purse, and clothes. I wore one of the new shirts to the theater tonight and it wasn't until I sat down to the computer just now that I noticed that the cuffs of this shirt looked a bit long. Low and behold, they're supposed to be folded. Oh well, I had my kids with me when I wore it and everyone knows that if a mom makes it out of the house fully clothed then she's got her stuff together. If she matches, then she's a genius. There's awards for those who come out in something clean. I haven't gotten the call for that one yet. Oh well.

My daughter has taken up snowboarding and expresses her desire to go every free moment. Thankfully, she has a wonderful father who will take her when she wants because her mother has yet to sit on a ski lift or strap on anything to go down a mountain. My son has also done some snowboarding but seems to want to try out skiing too. After a snowboarding trip, my husband and his brothers regale me with the stories of their falls, trips, and close calls coming down the mountain face first. They then look at me and say, "You got to try it!" I'm sure that I will join in on the fun sooner or later, but for now I remain on the sidelines of that adventure.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Cell Phones and Mailmen

First, I have to say that I am a lover of cell phones. They enhance our lives and communication. However, when they start to hinder your progress (such as driving) or the progress of others (driving again), then they become a pain. I was on the train yesterday headed home and a man next to me was on his phone. I assumed that he was a real estate agent by the bits of conversation I heard. It became a bother though when the conversation was carried on for more than ten minutes and a little louder than needed. At the end of his conversation, he summed it up by telling the other person that he would call someone and take care of something. At that point, however, he realized that the call had been disconnected when he received no answer from the other person. This made me long was he talking to himself? Did the other person have such a small part of the conversation that he actually carried on with himself for a while? I found this quite amusing and a punishment in itself for the hinderance on those around him.

Now, for mailmen. I don't know if you've heard on the news recently, but the city is going to start issuing parking tickets to any car parked within ten feet of a mailbox. I don't know about other people, but my whole curb is only about fifteen feet long with a mailbox in the middle. We are also having repair work done on our house (see previous post about insurance). My brother-in-law has been hired to do the work and therefore, we are in need of an extra spot to park. Because of this, our mail is not being delivered everyday. When it does come, there is a message written on it that it had not been delivered previously because of a car by the box. I am confused by this. Isn't their motto like "in sleet, or snow, or storm of night..." or something like that? But they can't step out of their little truck, take two steps, and put my mail in the box? It seems that they become diva-like when they get promoted from walking the block to driving it. I see a mailman near my son's school that parks his truck and walks many blocks delivering the mail, dodging dogs, going through gates, and walking up driveways. Is my mailman defective? Has he forgotten how to walk? It's not that inconvenient either considering they are on the right side of the truck anyway. Next, they'll be wanting us to be waiting at the curb with our hand held out to catch the mail while they speed by. As a side note, the price of stamps has risen again...don't you think that would buy me a little walking from the mailman?! I do.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Thank you for your business!!!

I saw the funniest thing this morning. One of our neighbors is moving and it is known by many that they participate in "shady" activity (of the pharmaceutical kind). Anyway, on our way to church, we noticed that there was a sign posted on their gate. It is a sign you usually see on businesses that are closing. It thanked their customers for their business and that they appreciated their patronage!!! Now, it didn't say outright "Thanks to all our druggie patrons and we've appreciated supplying you with said drugs" but the message was pretty clear. I don't know if "bold" is the right word to use, but we got a laugh out of it.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Insurance, Never Leave Home Without It

Well, another Saturday has passed with not much accomplished. Hubby took the kids snowboarding today. The kids seem to really like it and will be sticking with it. I decided to stay home. I was supposed to do homework, seeing as how I've let myself get behind in that. However, the allure of a free day by myself somehow led me to Pib's Xchange, trying on jeans. For those unfamiliar with this store, it is in Sugarhouse and is a second-hand clothing store that always has great stuff. I've bought my last 4 pairs of jeans there. As enjoyable as this was, my happiness was hampered by the fact that my jean size has increased. I surmised that it is an evil conspiracy by the jean manufacturers to make us worry about our size and force us to kill ourselves exercising until we look like Barbie. Well, I'm onto them and I'm not giving in...I bought the larger size. I will not say what size it was though because no matter what size it is there is always someone that one scoffs as if I just said that I was a size 0 and am the fattest thing in the world. Just cause I'm not bulging out of a size 20 does not mean that I can't feel like I need to lose a few pounds. So there!

Enough of that rant. My friend in Colorado sent me some pics from her trip to Europe last April. She went to Austria, Berlin, and Slovakia among others. She visits Rome a lot too. I wouldn't mind doing some more traveling in Europe. I yearn for London at least every other day.

Oh, a word of advice. Check the little tube that connects at the back of your toilet to make sure that it is tight and secure. Weird, I know, but you'll thank me. While we were at church the other day, that tube on our upstairs toilet came undone and wreaked havoc. It must have been spraying the bathroom for about two hours cause that little hose did some major damage. We walked in to a waterfall on our stairs, dripping in the main hallway, and another waterfall from our downstairs bathroom light fixture. We had to pull out the hall carpets, dry some of the bedroom and living room carpet, pull out the light fixture, and vacuum a lot of water. Did I mention that we just bought this house last month? Well, thankfully, we have insurance and it will be covered. Our poor house is in some shambles though and it's depressing to see. Hard to believe it's because of a little toilet tube. We are thankful that it wasn't as bad as it could have been. At least it was water and not anything additional. So, remember to check that hose!!! Oh, and have insurance just in case.

Thursday, February 09, 2006


Just wanted to share a fav pic from my trip to London last summer. Enjoy!

the start of dreaming

I have no idea what I'm doing putting up a blog. I figured this was the closest I would ever get to keeping a journal and doing my creative writing homework at the same time. A friend of mine from London has her own blog which I look to often for a good laugh. Maybe I'm hoping such cleverness will rub off on me. I will try to post some creative writings to keep the masses entertained and update on my life as a whole. Laters!