Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Still alive. Travelled to Utah with the kiddos. They're doing good for such a long trip. Now we're enjoying visiting family and friends. Take care all and have a good spring break.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Some days you're the windshield, some days you're the bug,...and somedays, you're covered in puke.

Since H has started working full-time again, at a job with good pay, I am staying home more with Little Man. And while I love him to pieces, it's been kinda hard to adjust to staying home again. I am still trying to work two days a week. Why would I do this, you ask, since the pay isn't much and the hours would be slim indeed? Well, working this job, I believe that I have found something I really like doing. I am also surrounded by some awesome women at work. And I am gaining skills that are invaluable to my future career plans, both computer skills and office skills.

I've never worked someplace that I could actually say I really loved it. In other jobs, the work was either tedious or boring, or the coworkers were...well, less than desireable put it nicely. But this job has a wonderful blend of good, productive work, great coworkers, and intellectual stimulation.

So, staying home is a bit tough some days. Little Man is getting a jumpstart on his "terrible twos" and his Irish is showing. Of course, I'm often the same kind of stubborn, and I don't have a drop of Irish in me. So, I may have just disproved that stereotype. A-n-y-w-a-y....

Today, he was quite calm, but was also puking all morning. Poor kiddo. His stomach was pretty unhappy with something and it was determined to evict it. We were sitting on the couch, cuddling, and OUT it came again. After he was done, I was scooping him up in his blanket, puke and all, to head to the bath, and he looked back at the covered couch and said, "Ewww." I just laughed and agreed, "Yeah, ewww."

After a long nap, he looked much better and has kept everything down since. Before bed though, he was passing some hellacious gas. At least it's on that end of the works now and there's a diaper there to catch anything spontaneously combusting on that end of things. TMI...I know, TMI.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Who Knew?

Who knew that a tee shirt could cause such a stir?
Let me explain.

Tiny and I went to my new fav, absolutely awesome store Rue 21. (It's probably been around for forever, and I'm likely just late in discovering it, but hey...that's me.) So, we were taking our time, checking out everything in the store and just being girly. They have $2 and $5 sale racks of clothes that I always hit first and then the accessory display of sale items. And I decided that it was time to get myself some cute tee shirts. Now, I have tee shirts, but they usually all fall under two categories.....nice ones that have been ruined by stains or are thaaaaat close to not fitting anymore....or the "cleaning house, don't care how I look" tee shirts. So, I found two that I liked.
The first was a Beatles shirt that has their images and "Let it Be" on it, black and white, simple and cute, extra long. Now, the second, is the "I *heart* Barack" one you see above. I thought it was great...and true. I love this president. Say what you will, how you feel, what you think...but when I see and hear him, I feel hope, I see change, and I expect more from, not only him, but myself. So, I love this shirt. I posted a pic of it on my facebook and asked on my status if people thought it would cause a stir if I wore it to church today. (Note: We attend a well known church where the majority are firm, very conservative Republicans.) I'm not a rabble-rouser, but I thought it would be interesting. After posting that, I got a wide range of responses. Here are a few:

Not to the others who voted for him too...LOL

I will wear mine if you wear yours!

Seriously? You have an "I love Barack" t-shirt? And you would wear it in public? Brave woman!!!

Either way, I'm going to find you, then find it, then put it through the shredder. ;)

My response: You can try, but you'll never succeed! And I will continue to wear it proudly.

'round these parts wearing that shirt could get you a few stares, some unappreciated comments, or a punch in the gut. Not a favorite person here! Brave, brave woman! Wouldn't be caught in the shirt myself. (note: This person currently resides in Alaska.)

Oh. My. Gosh. I hope you did! I just about died laughing at this..

My response: Didn't wear the shirt to church, you respect the reverence, but I threw it on as soon as I got home. Wearing it loud and proud.

Lol! I would have given you a high five at church if you did!

I can't believe you own a shirt like that and on top of it your willing to ware it:(

My response: I do and I am.

It was amazing the broad spectrum of responses. I enjoyed it. Sometimes it's hard to be a political minority in a wide sea of opposition to my views. Sometimes, someone will be verbally bashing the President, carrying on, not realizing that I might not share the same views and feelings, even if we are attending the same church or live by the same standards and morals. But, I am glad that we live in a place that we can all decide how to believe, support, and live. I'm thankful for it. And you know who we can thank for that? Yep, thank a soldier.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Back on the Wagon

Not like that, though. I'm not a drinker. I mean the P90X wagon. I missed two workouts this week, but am back on track. I did the Legs and Back workout with the Ab Ripper workout. It felt so good to get back in it. The progress is impressive. When we started, I couldn't even touch the floor with my legs spread out, I definitely couldn't touch my toes while sitting on the floor, and I couldn't do most of the exercises for more than a few reps before my muscles gave out.

Not anymore. I can bend farther, do more reps, and am getting more limber with each day. Oh, also, my muscle tone is noticeably better and I've lost almost 2 inches around my waist. Yep, all that in less than 2 weeks. We will probably be taking some progress pics soon. I'll post all of my pics when I can see more improvement. It's not as fun to post a "before" pic until you have an awesome "after" pic.

H has actually put on weight since we started, but it's muscle. And he is feeling better and stronger with each workout.

It seems that a lot of people are catching the P90X fever.

Friday, March 05, 2010