Friday, May 28, 2010

This really tweaks my melon.

I came across this article on yahoo about a woman that fell asleep during her flight on United Airlines. She didn't wake up when the plane landed, and for some reason, the crew missed that she was still onboard when they exited the plane and locked it up. The woman awoke 3 1/2 hours later and wasn't able to get off the plane for a while.

Now, I can understand being in her situation and becoming angry. Even filing a complaint. But, no, she is actually suing the airline for negligence, false imprisonment, and emotional trauma. Come on. I mean, she's not a 5-year-old that woke up all alone on an empty, locked bus. She's a grown woman, one that could have picked up her cell phone, or the plane phone, and called for help. Sounds to me like she is trying to take advantage of the airline's mistake for all that she can get out of it. So, sorry, no sympathy from me, past her understandable annoyance.

And then, I came across this article about Beyonce being sued because she was filming a music video and the neighbor of the location was inconvenienced by the crew, their traffic, and the noise they made when he was sound asleep at 7 am. Again, I can understand annoyance, complaining, and even asking for some reparation. But suing seems a bit unnecessary.

I mean, after all, there ARE a lot of other things to worry about in the world right now. Important things. Like, gushing oil poisoning the ocean and killing millions of creatures each day. Like, protesters torching buildings in Bangkok.

Come on, people. How about we get some priorities straight and stop acting like temper tantrum-throwing, red-faced, insufferable brats. Thank you.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I am soooo there, it's insane!

I got it. I got the approval for my Air Force physical. I will be heading up on Monday night, they are putting me up in a hotel, and I will catch the shuttle to MEPS early Tuesday morning. I expect to be there ALL day. They're the military, of course they have to make me wait forever. Hurry up and wait at MEPS. But I don't care. I'm so excited to be finally going. Did I mention that I've been trying to get a physical since last August?! Well, it's finally going to happen. YAY!

Now that I have celebrated, I must ask that you PLEASE send me a lot of good thoughts and prayers. This physical is my biggest hurdle between me and applying to the AF. I am healthy, but I had some issues when I was younger that had an effect on my heart and they will be doing a scan of it to make sure it's tip-top. So, please remember me and send good vibes. I appreciate it and I will update you as soon as I hear back on it. Thank you.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hanging in there.

Quick update:

Tiny is playing baseball and her team is undefeated, and they are like 6 games in. She's having a blast, which is what it's all about. She is also going on a lot of field trips. The next is to the pool and I need to get her a new bathing suit. Last summer's bikini is probably waaaaay too small now.

Mister is thinking of giving up the cello, after three years. His elective choices for next year are art, p.e., and career tech. Apparently, in career tech, they learn about all kinds of technology used in different careers. They will be building models, trying out robotics, computer programs and animation. All this sounds right up his alley.

Little Man is talking so much and repeating everything. He was poking his head in the computer room today and kept saying something that sounded like "ryback". Which, I figured out, was for "be right back". Another favorite is when he tells me "momma, watch. momma, watch." And if I don't pay attention right away, he uses my first name and tells me "watch". Then he'll show me something or show off some new move. He's a blast.

And I am working half the week, shuttling Tiny to baseball four days a week, Mister to his weeding job three days a week, and I'm taking care of Little Man every other minute of the day. I'm tired and miss H. A few more weeks and we will be joining him in TX. Hanging in there.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Present and Accounted For

I'm still around. Just busy and tired. H left for TX two weeks ago and will be there for 6 months. We plan to stay with him during the summer though. But that's still about 4 weeks away. Needless to say, we miss him and can't wait to head to the heat and humidity in San Angelo. H is cross-training into a new career field for the Air Force and is at tech school. We're hoping that he will learn a lot and it will help him in his future career endeavors.

Meanwhile, we are here, me and the kiddos. Little Man is a large bundle of mischief and energy. And I'm used to having my helpmate to calm the whirlwind that he is. But we are doing our best and have done okay so far.

As for my AF goals, I am going to be looking into the officer positions available in the Reserves. But, for now, I'm STILL waiting to hear back if I can get my physical. All your prayers and good thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Serving my country is something I REALLY want to do in my life and know that looking back, I will always be proud to have fulfilled that service. So, I'll keep you updated.