Saturday, April 28, 2007

A night of Shakespeare

My last assignments was to attend a play or a reading and then write about it. H and I went on a date last night to a performance titled "A One Woman Night of Shakespeare". It was an impressive performance of many scenes from different plays. I wrote a short paper describing it. I'm posting it below to share the experience with you.

“One Woman Night of Shakespeare”
On Friday, my husband and I attended a performance titled “ A One Woman Night of Shakespeare” by Alex Mackenzie. It was hosted by the Children’s Theatre and School of the Arts. Alex Mackenzie had donated her time and efforts for this performance as a fundraiser for the theatre. Alex is from the UK and has a BA in English Literature and Theatre from Warwick University, UK and an MA in Theatre Studies from BYU. She is not only talented, but is also very kind and amiable (sorry, couldn’t think of another word). The theatre was very intimate, seating only about forty. The performance area came right up to the audience and Alex used this proximity at times to include the audience in her actions. She had pre-selected ten scenes from various plays; including “Macbeth”, “Two Gentlemen of Verona”, “Troilus and Cressida”, “Twelfth Night”, “King Henry the Fifth”, “Midsummer Night’s Dream”, and “King Lear”. She chose to alternate her comedic and tragic performances.

When a scene involved two players, she successfully performed both parts, distinguishing the switch with a whirlwind movement and each character with a distinct voice and air. Her most comedic character was that of Launce from “Two Gentlemen of Verona”. She explained how her regular accent was different from the UK Northerners, which is what Launce was. She then did a wonderful job of performing his monologues, in the Northern accent, with great comedic timing. Her only costume of the night was that of Launce’s, since one scene called for the use of the clothing items. All other scenes did not require costume.

Her most strenuous scenes were those of “Macbeth”. She played out the scenes of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth plotting to kill the king, the murder of the king, Lady Macbeth’s madness, and the final scene with Macbeth. These scenes were the most emotional and physical of the night. Alex would throw herself around, from one character to another, from standing to falling and back again. She would run, flee, and cower in fear and in conviction. She commented after the performance that she had sustained many bruises in these scenes. But her pains were worth the captivating performance she gave.

To close the performance, she ended with King Henry the Fifth’s dramatic monologue in Act IV, Scene III. In this monologue, Henry is telling his men of the pride and honor bestowed upon them to fight this day. It was beautiful and stirring, and called to my mind our servicemen that have fought and still fight today, as brothers.

After the performance, the audience was invited to snack and chat with Alex. She was very gracious in thanking us for coming. I had learned of the performance from a flyer at the Market, where Alex actually works. She thought it was wonderful of us to decide to attend. As difficult as the language of Shakespeare can be to grasp, even the children in attendance were very entertained. She has a wonderful talent of bringing Shakespeare’s words to life.

At Last.....

I AM DONE!!!!!!!
It feels soooo good to say that. I emailed my last little bit of work to my professor today and I am officially done with my undergrad work. Here's some music to share with you how I feel right now. Enjoy!

Elliot Yamin "Free"
Etta James "At Last"
REM "It's the End of the World As We Know It"
Kool and the Gang "Celebration"

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ooh Eeh Ooh...Creepy

The house directly across the street from ours has seen better days. When we moved in, that house was being rented by, to put it kindly, pharmaceutical distributors. The house is about as old as ours, close to 100 years. However, it was not upgraded and kept up like ours. Recently, it has been bought by a young, single guy who appears to be fixing it up. However, as he has been working on it, its appearance has changed quite a bit. That is, of course, in a good way. But I have noticed that something about its new look disturbs me. I couldn't put my finger on what it was though. That is, until a few minutes ago. Below is a rather dark pic of the house across the street. You have to look kind of close.

Now, here is another house that I realized it reminds me of...

Recognize this second house? It Michael Myers' house in "Halloween"! See why it bothers me?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I know, I've been completely slacking on my theme posts. But if you read what I have posted, you'll see why. I should resemble the living once again around Thursday. Wish me luck on that.

Time Flies

Check out the time stamps on the last four posts and you will feel some of my pain.

DONE....for now.

I just printed up my theory paper. It is almost 7 a.m. I completed it with 2 hours to spare. Too bad I can't fit in some sleep. I stayed up all night.

But I am finished, I am done, I am exhausted!

(By "done", I mean with this subject. Unfortunately, I still have some work to do in the other classes. It's not party time yet, but it's definitely cause for celebration.)

So tired......must stay awake for next four hours.......need...more...Amp.


If you realize that energy drinks make you gassy and you wanted to make a mental note of it, what would be the most grammatically correct way to say it?

Note to self:
Energy drinks make (me, we, or you) gassy.

Which pronoun is the proper one to use?

Just a 5 a.m. rambling thought while finishing off my paper.


1:54 a.m.
1 1/2 Mountain Dew Amps in my system
3 Milk Chocolate Hob Nobs consumed
2 outlines completed
1 first draft started
5 pages of a final draft to go
7 hours until paper is due

Monday, April 23, 2007

No, it won't hurt. It'll just sort of tingle....YEAH, RIGHT!!

My brain is being turned inside out by Adorno and Bourdieu. Will post more when I have excised the disease and regain full functionality.

Same Feeling, Different Subject

Picture the same frustration on a paper of Spanish or Theory. Doesn't matter which, I feel the same about both right now.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

T-Minus 11.....

According to the countdown I have on my MySpace page, I have

11 Days 11 Hours 5 Minutes and 56 Seconds...55, 54, 53...


Saturday, April 21, 2007

Some Happiness in the Midst of a Stressful, Caffeine-Filled Week of Finals

A few bright spots that are keeping me going...

--We bought carpet today and scheduled its installation for our upstairs hallway. It had been pulled out after a bathroom flood over a year ago and the old, ugly floorboards have been showing for far too long.
--After watching the movie "Charlotte's Web" the other day, Tiny decided that she was going to read the book. She's already into the second chapter. This is her first chapter book and, being the bookworm that I am, I am SO proud.
--We came across a bakery discount store today just down the street from us. They sell breads, snacks, tortillas, chips, and more at incredibly low prices. We bought 3 loaves of bread, a box of cupcakes, a dozen tortillas, goldfish crackers, some tortilla chips, and some hoagie rolls. The grand total....$4.80. Can't get better than that. I'm definitely headed there again for all our bread needs.

Just thought I would share the happiness and now I have to get back to the homework torture.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Theatrical Thursday...She can dump tea in my harbor anytime.

I apologize for the late post of Theatrical Thursday. I am in my last week of school and am busy with final papers, tests, and portfolios. It's crunch time and I'm definitely feeling the crunch. In the next week, I have two Spanish exams, an online Spanish workbook unit due, one 5-page theory paper, and a 3-part portfolio for Language Arts all due. I have been literally subsisting on caffeine and little sleep for the last few days. After picking up the kids from school today, I laid down and didn't wake up for 3 hours. Thankfully, H works from home and can keep an eye on the kiddos while I passed out. I woke up after that long nap still feeling exhausted. I think it may take a full night's sleep and a cutback in the caffeine to return to normal. If I can get through the next 6 days, I will probably collapse again for about 24 hours and then be just fine. So, wish me luck, say a prayer, burn some incense...whatever may bring some energy, good feelings and wisdom my way.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Interviewed by Jannaverse...Need I say more?

1. You're 27 now! What do you know now, that you WISH you'd known when you were 18?
4 years of college
--------------------- = a bachelors degree in about 9 years
Part-time enrollment


INVEST in IPods, not Enron

2. Who would you rather have dinner with, Harry Potter or Shakespeare? What would happen?
Ooh, tough call. I love them both. I think I would have to pick Harry Potter. Shakespeare's pretty talented, but Harry has that whole "magic" ability in his favor. Who would you rather become friends with? A dead, albeit talented, writer or a friendly wizard that is cute and can fly a broom and is, not to mention, alive. Hopefully, we would have a lovely dinner with a dessert of Knickerbocker Ice Cream (yes, it's real) and fly around London on his Firebolt. He could show me all the magical places that are passed by each day without notice. Then we could use his invisibility cloak to sneak into theaters and to play pranks on people. (27 on the outside but still 13 sometimes on the inside)

3. What's the most important thing someone should notice about you?
I'm a woman of many talents. I can sew a quilt, write a 5 page paper on lit theory, quote numerous films, help my kids with their homework, bake something yummy, prepare a teaching lesson, play a decent game of pool, read any book, and write a poem...all while being able to still dress myself and perform magic with my hair and makeup.

4. If all you had was a box of raw spaghetti, some glue, dryer lint,and a paper plate, what crafts could you make?
I would make emoticon faces using the plate for the head, lint for hair, and the noodles to make the terse expressions...all held together with the glue, of course. Imagine a world without glue, our emoticon faces would slide off the plate everytime without it. How frustrating!

5. Imagine your autobiography is finished. What's the name of the very last chapter?
Since it would be the last chapter, I would probably try to go for being clever and memorable like "Exit, Stage Right" or "At least I'm still sane". But it would probably end up being something more original like "Chapter 29". Gotta appreciate the classic.

I would now like to thank Janna at the newly title Jannaverse for this interview. I really enjoyed it. If anyone would like to carry on this fun, comment that you do and I will send you some interview questions of your own.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Prayers for Virginia Tech

Needless to say, I'm sure you all heard about the tragedy at Virginia Tech. It was a sad, senseless tragedy and my heart and prayers go out to the victims, their families, and the student community. I found the below pictures on yahoo news of parents reuniting with their kids and comforting them. These pictures brought a flood of emotions; grief for the victims, relief for the survivors, and intense compassion for the families that will not get to hug and comfort their loved ones again. Please remember to pray for them.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

27th Bday

Today is my 27th birthday. When I woke up this morning, I actually felt a year older, but in a good way. I thought of my life, as one does when they age another year, and felt extremely pleased. I didn't feel like I'm rushing through it or taking it for granted. I try to give thanks for my blessings everyday and really enjoy moments with my kiddos and still love dates with my husband. I am also proud that I am finishing school and feel good about the paths I am taking with school and my eventual career(s). All in all, I feel good.

I actually didn't feel like I had aged all that fast until I remembered that I am now 27 and I had married at 19. That brought it home with a great big wow. So, how did I celebrate? On Friday, H and I went on a date. We had dinner at my favorite pub and then headed downtown. On our way to a piano bar, we walked past an art gallery that looked interesting. On display that night was a collection of photos of baseball players from about 1920-1950. The owners were a father and son that, over the years, had collected the original glass negatives from the estate sales of sports photographers. Each photo has never been published and had a great story behind it. Our favorite was of Jackie Robinson leaving the Dodgers' clubhouse for the last time. Apparently, Robinson was going to be traded to another team and he didn't want that. He had started as a Dodger and wanted to end as one. The owners wouldn't agree to this, so he retired. On his last day of such a glorious career, he exited the basement locker room, dressed in a suit and long coat, with his bat over his shoulder and his duffle bag hanging off of it. Through the open door, the only one that was there to see him off was a cat, sitting in the path, staring at the camera. I thought it was kind of sad that he didn't receive more fanfare at the end of his career. H said that it showed how classy Robinson was, leaving with a smile and with his dignity. It turned out that that night was also the last night that the gallery was going to be open. The building had been sold and this was their last show. We really enjoyed the show and learned a lot. How often can you see a Ty Cobb baseball bat signed by Pete Rose on the day he broke his homerun record? You can check out the gallery website
here, Gallery240. And you can check out the collection here, The Slice of Americana Baseball.

After the gallery, we wandered around downtown and decided to check out a gallery that H's friend owned. However, it wasn't there anymore (shows how often we go there). In the same building, we saw a sign for Art and Soup on the 23rd floor. When we exited the elevator, we quickly realized that it was a black tie event. As we headed back to the elevator, a woman urged us to go in and dance and check out the art. There were about 10 artists there with selections of their work up for sale and also a silent auction on some of the works. Our favorite was an artist that did junk art,
Fred Conlon. He made a creature that is like an anti-garden gnome. My favorite of his collection is, unfortunately, not on his site. But picture two anti-gnomes carrying off a traditional garden gnome over their heads, with him tied up. Another was of two anti-gnomes roasting a garden gnome on a spit over a fire pit. It was really funny and something I would love to put in my yard. And that marked the end of our date. I had a really good time.

Saturday, I got to wander the mall on my own and spend a little time and money on myself. I rarely find myself in a mall, but enjoyed it. I bought myself some earrings, a new shirt, and a card for my sister. I'm pretty low maintenance. H and the kids each got me a bday card with a huge bar of chocolate. Later, we also went to a church bbq that was full of food, fun, and karaoke (which I passed on). We then proceeded to fall asleep on the couch for the night. I was woken up by a happy birthday from Tiny and "birthday cuddles" from her. That's a good way to start the day.

Well, I better get to my house since the only thing I have done this weekend on it is pulling weeds in the front yard. This was a lot more work than it sounds, my legs and bum are still sore. Enjoy your Sunday!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Lest We Forget

I was perusing the blogs I regularly visit when I clicked into Skittle's Place and saw that she had posted the video below. This sparked in me the desire to share with you a little fact about myself. I am very patriotic. Having been a military brat and, later, wife, I feel great honor in our men and women in the armed forces. If it had not been for previous health issues, I, myself, would have proudly served my country. I get emotional when I hear the National Anthem, I get choked up at the mere sight of soldiers saying goodbye to their loved ones, and I cheer louder than most when tribute is being paid to our protectors.

Putting all politics aside (because we each know how we individually feel about the war), we must always try to keep our troops in our thoughts. These young men and women, for whatever reason, decided to represent their country in times of peace and times of war. Men and women have various reasons for pursuing this career. They join for the promise of an education, to acquire a skill, to find direction and discipline, to better themselves or their situation, or just to know that they gave of themselves for their country. In return for their enlistment, they are not promised a large pay, fancy housing, a steady schedule and future, or even a guarantee of staying alive. What other job would people be willing to volunteer for with that kind of exchange? Don't get me wrong, there are perks to the military life. You have full health benefits, shelter, a steady paycheck, and job security (in the sense that you probably won't get a pink slip in your paycheck anytime soon), and let's not forget the sense of profound pride.

Now, I'm not here to preach or promote. I simply wanted to share a glimpse of the military life and to urge you to remember our troops. Some are working hard stateside while others are in unfamiliar places, far away from everyone and everything they know and love, having to do a near-impossible task. Just remember them and offer a prayer their way.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Que haces?

I am pretty tired. I have not made it to bed before 4 a.m. for the last two nights. But it was worth it because my Spanish presentation seemed to go well. Thanks to a friend and her trusty media cord, I was able to show my slideshow on the overhead. Mister had to show me how to put the slideshow together. They teach the kiddos powerpoint in the third grade now and I hadn't even heard of it until I was in high school. I mean, I learned to type in junior high on a word processor, the typewriter kind. So, Mister showed me how to do it and though I kept it simple, it came out pretty good. If I can figure out how to upload it on here, I will try it. One gal even commented that she liked how simple it was cause it was easy to follow and understand. And many thanks to Mody, for without whom, I could not have finished it. I'm starting to sound like an academy award winner. I'm going to go and watch a movie. Goodnight.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Another All-Nighter

Here I sit at 12:14 a.m., telling the kids to keep it down and go to sleep (it's their spring break) and I'm facing a long night of reading and translating Spanish. Luckily, I have a Mountain Dew Amp to help me stay awake enough. But I am tired and feel lazy since I took it easy today on my back and refrained from exercising.

Good news: I got a theory quiz back with B on it. Nice, I'll take it. And REALLY good news.....MY ANNOUNCEMENTS CAME TODAY!!! They are really nice and each will soon contain a small pic of me in my cap and gown with my tassel hanging proudly in my eye (cause that is where it is naturally supposed to fall). I'm so excited. I read the inscription on the inside of the announcements to H and after I read my name and my degree, I choked up and almost started to cry. He hugged me and I felt so proud. A few more weeks of trudging through these last assignments and it's mine. I will really miss the university though since I am taking about a year off until grad school. It will be weird to not have three or four new classes to have to find, buy books for, and try to survive through in a few weeks. I will be enjoying my visiting family, then catching up around the house while trying to secure some form of employment that won't have me saying, "Price check at register 4." No offense to those in sales, but I've been in that job before and did not take out a ton of education loans to have K-Mart be my only option. (Please don't hunt me down and blind me with your scanners.)

I just finished the first draft of my slideshow presentation and will be editing it tomorrow and practicing before my class tomorrow night. Last minute, I know...story of my life. I am doing my presentation on Eva PĂ©ron. It was interesting to learn why she was so loved by her people. I will likely be reading a lot from my note cards, but not as much as some have. If we can get the visual media equipment to work with my comp, we'll be in business.

I have felt so good lately. I told H today that for the last while, anytime I pray I tell the Lord, "Thank you for my life. It's a pretty good one." Despite the stresses of school and sometimes at home, I always feel incredibly blessed. Even with the problems that my brother is experiencing, I hope for the best. We are all healthy and happy, and life challenges us enough to grow. How much more can you ask for?

Ok, I'll ease up on the tender moment for now. I better get back to work.

Monday, April 09, 2007

I thought exercise was supposed to be good for you

I am completely laid up on the couch, lying motionless on my stomach, heating pad on my back, typing one-handed because I pulled a muscle in my lower back earlier today. That's what I get for excercising. After my walk (yes, I said walk) on the treadmill, I was about to get in the shower and was putting on some music. I leaned over slightly for, I guess, a moment too long and I could hear and feel the muscle pop. This was immediately followed by pain, which has only grown as the evening has worn on. This is not fun. This is the fourth time I have done this in the last four years. I think it is becoming a tradition. So, I am trying to heat it up enough that I will be able to function for school tomorrow. Anyone got any suggestions other than a heating pad and icy hot, which are both already being utilized?

Saturday, April 07, 2007

A Theme-less Saturday

I thought of trying to come up with some themes for Saturday and Sunday, but decided against it. These are the only two days I get to try to catch up on life. So, there will be no themed weekends. I will still post, but just not in themes. Especially with this weekend being Easter.

So, here are a few link for your enjoyment.

Real Mom Truths
Manolo's Shoe Blog
Miracles of Architecture (some real, some not)
Funny Adoption PSAs

Friday, April 06, 2007

Friday Five

We just got back from the dollar theater where we watched "Ghost Rider" and "Night at the Museum". They were both highly enjoyable. I do believe that we will be purchasing both movies when they are on dvd.

Today was pretty busy. After helping teach at the junior high, I picked up the kids, went by the bank, and purchased a used treadmill off
craigslist. On the way to the bank, Tiny told me that she lost a tooth while chewing her gum. But it wasn't a tooth, it was her filling. Thankfully, the dentist could fit her in about an hour and a half later. Apparently, the tooth (which had had a root canal last year) had cracked. The remaining tooth was pretty loose and they decided to go ahead and pull it. I'm really glad it had no nerves in it. That probably made it much less painful. So, she is one tooth less, awaiting the tooth fairy, and did really well.

School is not getting much easier. But I guess it wouldn't at the end. My language arts professor decided to rearrange the remainder of our syllabus and also cut out a day. This should be interesting. We will be assigned our final theory paper on Tuesday. I have to prep my oral presentation for Spanish this weekend and will present on Wednesday. We will also be practicing for our final oral composition. I'm mainly just aiming to pass that, not worried about doing stellar on it. I'm praying for strength.

By the way, I purchased my cap and gown a couple of days ago. I am graduating in Humanities and, therefore, have a white tassel. I told H that I got a little emotional when I got them. I'm going to cry like a baby when I walk the stage and they say my name.

So, for the theme today...I have chosen the Friday Five. The Five are random bits of info about me or any other random subject I pick. You never know what will show up in this one. For the inaugural Friday, it will be:
5 Things You May Not Know About Me (and probably didn't want to)

1. The first poem I ever wrote was about a football game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Detroit Lions, in which the Lions won. Story behind this: our principal LOVED the Cowboys and my parents HATED them. Every morning, the principal would choose some poems written by students to read over the intercom. So, I decided to write a poem about the game, dogging the Cowboys, of course, and give it to him. Obviously, he didn't read it. But that started my interest in poetry.

2. I have a butterfly tattoo on my back. I have posted a
pic of this before. I got it about a week after I turned 18 and had originally planned to get a tatto of a vine of sunflowers around my thigh. However, I was informed that the black vine would take more than one visit to get dark enough. So, I got a butterfly instead. And in case you're, it doesn't really hurt, just sore.

3. I LOVE my hair. I hated it for years when I was younger. This was mainly because it got really curly as I aged and I had no idea what to do with it. Now, thanks to it calming down and the miracle of the flat iron, I LOVE it. I have a lot of fun with it and am trying to grow it back out.

4. I had a major crush on Joey Lawrence when he was on the show "Blossom". I remember swooning when he put out his own music video. I, of course, had pics of him on my walls, cut out from those teen mags. 
Quite a fashion flashback, eh?!

5. I've watched "The Goonies" enough times to have it memorized. I'm surprised we didn't wear out the VHS (yes, I said VHS) it was recorded on.

Hope you enjoyed this little revealment of me.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Theatrical Thursday with The Goonies

Yes, I know that I am "technically" late for my Thursday theme. But I have an excellent excuse. I just got back from Nobby's bridal shower. I volunteered to help transport the gifts from the party to her house back in our town (about 40 minutes from the shower location). After driving a while, she called and said that she changed her mind and wanted to transport them to her fiancee's house instead, via an exit that we had already passed three miles ago. So, we (me and two other LonDolls) turned around, drove up a mountain to the house, dropped them off, and then proceeded to get lost on the way back down the mountain. Thankfully, Hobby had a tomtom that helped us to figure out where we were. After dropping off Hobby, and bringing Mody back to her car at my place, I am now sitting in my living room and it is almost 1am. I am tired.

The shower was a lot of fun and Nobby really made out on the gifts. I, of course, along with Mody, had to embarass her and buy the naughty stuff. I got her a journal with sensual quotes, two thongs and an edible body powder. Mody got her some breath freshener that was a total spoof cause it said that it was Irish and would give you fresh breath and an Irish accent. She also got her something to spray on your bed sheets that would smell good and freshen them up for what ensues. Another friend of Nobby's got her a ton of lingerie. It was a lot of fun watching her turn red.

After loading up the gifts in the cars, we joked that it would be funny to move Nobby's car, which was running, and make her think it was taken. But this backfired when she didn't look down the street, where it was parked, ran into the house and called 911. Apparently, there has been a history of cars stolen and broken into at this house and she thought it was for real. We had to tell her it was a joke and she hung up. 911, of course, called back and she explained what had happened. Thankfully, the operator had a sense of humor and jokingly offered to have the prankster arrested temporarily. Other than that horrible failure of a joke, it was a fun party.

So, on to the theme for the day. I think I may have to go with Theatrical Thursday.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Television Tuesday...Part I

If, by chance, you happen to notice the time of this post, I'm sure you're asking yourself, "Doesn't this woman ever sleep?!"
The answer is, "No, not for the next four weeks anyway."
I just finished preparing a lesson presentation for, today. And I read three chapter for theory for a quiz today. Not an easy feat. My week is unfolding as such:

Monday--Spanish class. Forget to write composition draft for Spanish. Beg teacher for extension, which is granted til Wednesday. Stay up until 6am prepping for theory quiz and language arts presentation.
Tuesday--6am and still jittery from energy drink. Quiz in theory. Presentation in Language Arts. Start composition for Spanish with Mody's help. Dinner at brother-in-law's house (different one than on Sunday). Finish composition in the wee hours.
Wednesday--Shop for Hobby's bridal shower gifts; one practical gift and one naughty. Spanish class. Composition due. Begin preparing Spanish presentation and slideshow for next week.
Thursday--Theory. Language Arts. Three lesson plans due (completed already...for once). Hobby's shower that night.
Friday--Student teach at junior high. Pick up kids. Try to shop for Easter, which I completely forgot was this weekend. Work on presentation more with Mister's help. I have no idea how to use powerpoint and my 10 year old son does.
Saturday--Clean house. Shop for Easter dinner. More homework.

That's my week in a nutshell. It has a nice balance of fun and brain cramps. I can't believe how much I got done tonight. And all it took was sacrificing a night's sleep. I'm going to rue that decision at approximately 2pm today. I just hope I don't drool on the window of the train on the way home. I am motivated to get through this month like I have never been before in any semester. They are having a bookstore graduation fair at the campus tomorrow. I am going to buy my cap, gown, and tassel and I will also be ordering my announcements. I told H that I wanted to get the generic announcements with my name card because they were cheaper and faster to order. But I am planning on getting some photos taken of me in my cap and gown to place in the announcements. I can't believe this is actually happening, and so soon. I'm loving every minute, no matter how stressful it can get in these last few weeks.

Monday, April 02, 2007

What plays in my head...

Did you ever wonder what runs through a person's head when they are exercising and are pushing themselves? What do they think about when they need to run that last mile, lift that last rep? I'll give you a peek into my head and what I hear when I need to keep going. I am a huge Rocky fan and this song never fails to get me going. Kinda corny, but I don't care. I love it.