Sunday, March 25, 2007

Spring Has Sprung

It is officially Spring. After helping H clear out and organize his office yesterday, I sat on our back porch to soak up some sun. I love our back porch. It is large, very open, and a cheery yellow. When we moved in, I envisioned BBQs, parties, and long warm summer afternoons. Tiny's last birthday saw a party and a number of 6 year olds running, eating, and playing on the large, warm porch. Unfortunately, the porch became quite a dumping ground when the weather turned cold and was covered with old furniture and wood for burning. Thankfully, H cleared it all off a couple of weeks ago and I am once again picturing festivities on this beautiful spot.

Back to yesterday...I was sitting in a camping chair, soaking up the sun and feeling quite drowsy. I drifted off and took a wonderfully restful nap while the sun slowly shifted in the sky and began to bathe my face as well as my body. I awoke feeling quite pleasant, and also a bit sweaty. It was wonderful. In the air hung the aroma of BBQ from a neighboring yard. Spring has finally arrived, and if that lingering nap and aroma are any indication, it is going to be a beautiful season.

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Chris said...

We had a lovely warm weekend in Scotland.

L can enjoy the unique parts of Winter, but I'm just about ready for some sun, some flowers, and long hours of daylight....