Monday, March 26, 2007

The Death of a Beautiful Woman

As my career as an undergrad is slowly coming to a close, I find myself looking over papers I have written and submitted in the last few years. Most were likely written in the wee hours and seem to have escaped with satisfactory grades. While looking over these papers, I remembered an assignment that was given last summer in a poetry class. We had to construct a webpage about our research topic for that semester. I chose to write on the deaths of beautiful women in art and literature in the 19th century. While I did not put it off completely until the night before the due date, I did save the bulk of it for that night. Thankfully, H is quite skilled in developing webpages and helped me greatly in finishing the project. Looking back on it, I vaguely recall all that we learned that semester, but am quite proud of the writing and the page. Here it is in all of its glory for your perusal...Femmes Mortes.

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