Thursday, March 15, 2007

Aaaaannnndddd.....WE'RE OFF!

Well, we're off tomorrow morn for Denver and a weekend full of fun and laughs. I am ecstatic to get away from school, homework, and housework. Nothing but me and the girls for four days. We plan to do the bachelorette party/clubbing on Friday night, hang out Saturday out in Denver, then church and hanging out in the apartment on Sunday. The roadtrip alone should be a ton of fun. The last roadtrip we took was me, Nobby, and Mody in Ireland. We were in Dublin for the weekend and wanted to see the Cliffs of Moher. We were a bit disappointed when we found out that they were on the coast of Ireland that was opposite of where we were. (That is grammatically horrible.) So, we rented a car and drove there. I was the only one old enough to rent and drive the car, so I had the honor of navigating the narrow roads, three lane roundabouts, driving in the left lane, all while sitting on the right side of the car. You could easily say I was pretty nervous. I'm pretty sure that the driving will be a lot easier this time around. And I hope that Liz won't be freaking out and screaming in fear this time when a semi passes us.

So, if I'm not posting for a while, you know why. I'm out partying it up with my girlfriends in another state. I'll be taking lots of pics and will tell you all about it. Later.

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Chelle & Chel said...

Hope you're having an awesome time!!