Friday, December 26, 2008

Fudge Hangover

I didn't know it was possible to have a fudge hangover...but it is. I indulged in my aunt's fudge two days in a row and woke up this morning with, what I can only describe as withdrawals. My pounding brain was telling me I needed caffeine and I needed it right away. So, after a lot of water, some Pepsi, and a couple of Tylenol, I was feeling much better. Did I learn from this little episode? Apparently not, because I indulged, yet again, in that fudge tonight. Seriously, her fudge is worth tempting fate.

We had a really great Christmas...except for missing H. The kids were blown away when they opened new mp3 players, wireless game controllers and quite a few other things that they had on their lists. They've been plugged in, listening to, wearing, and reading what they received every minute since. So, I'd say that happiness was achieved. Little Man is also enjoying his new teething rings and other assorted toys. I received new earphone buds (the memory foam ones), a beautiful bracelet from H via my parents, a small mirror with a "sister" poem on it from, well, my sister, and a shower radio that I've been wanting for about two years.

We spent Christmas Eve at my grandmother's house, eating posole and tamales. Yum! In the morning, we opened presents at my parents' and then the kids opened more at Grandma's. We followed that up with some delicious food: turkey, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes and gravy, fruit salad, and much more. I ate two of good. It's been really nice visiting my family and spending time here. But I also can't wait to see H and see home. I love the city we live in. It's so green and vibrant. I love seeing my kids in their school. I hope we can find a nice, new place to rent. H will be heading this way after New Year's Day to bring us all home. I think it will be hard to say goodbye to my folks. I've really enjoyed staying here.

Well, I'll post more later. Got a lot on my mind and I'm sure I'll want to share some of it.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Reason

Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tired, but blessed.

Just thought I would post an update. Nothing new, just staying with my folks and hanging out with the kids. We've been to the library twice in the last week. Being away from the stress at home is a plus, but I miss my husband, and my friends, and Utah. I love my family here, and I could probably live here if I needed to, but I'd rather be back home. I hope we can head back after the holidays. H is trying to work things out quickly with the house and the bills. I have to say that all of this has been a great trial, but I would rather go through all of this than any number of other, more tragic, trials in life. I feel really blessed. Tired, but blessed. I hope you are all feeling blessed too.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New Mexico: The Land of Enchantment

Growing up here, we used to call it "The Land of Entrapment". We couldn't wait to leave. And now, I find that it has become a haven. I was deliberately vague in my previous post about the reasons behind our trip. Well, I'm going to lay it out flat. We're struggling, a lot...financially. It looks like bankruptcy is in our immediate future, and that includes losing the house. H is also still out of work. Real estate ain't what it used to be. So, in the hopes of sparing the kids and I from some of the stress and worry, H suggested that we head down to NM to stay with my folks for a bit. He is returning home today and will be starting a job on Saturday and looking for another in the meantime. He will be taking care of the necessary arrangements regarding the bankruptcy and trying to take of the rest while also searching for a new place for us to dwell.

So, that is the truth. We have been struggling all year, but it has come to a point of constant worry. Creditors finally can't call anymore, a mixed blessing because it is due to our phones being shut off. Anyway, our families and friends have been such a blessing to us. They've been looking out for us, asking if we need anything, and actually following through on that with small gifts and loans that have helped us meet our needs. I am so humbled by their service to us. I hope that I can do the same whenever I am called upon.

H left this morning, really early. The whole situation hit me hard when I reached over to his side of the bed and it was empty. He had said goodbye, but I was half asleep. I hope things will work out quickly so that we won't be apart for long.

Before I leave this post dripping with sadness, know that we are okay. We are strong people with loving families. We will not be left without anything. The kids are enjoying the month-long "vacation" at my mom and dad's. We are looking forward to Christmas and New Year and spending time with family. I hope you are all faring well in these tough times. I am off to start the day. Love to all.

Friday, December 05, 2008


Just thought I'd let you all know that the kids and I will be headed out of town on Sunday to stay with my mom and dad for a bit. Don't worry...H and I are not separating or anything like that. The kids and I are going to get a jumpstart on our holiday vacation while H stays home and works. I will continue to post while we are gone. Hope you all have a great weekend.