Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lest you think I'm dead...

I better post something to keep this blog going. Although, I've been thinking more and more about ceasing my posts. With facebook, email, and texting, it's pretty easy to keep up with friends and keep them updated on us. However, if I didn't do this, I probably wouldn't keep any kind of journal/log of life. I suck at journaling.

So, I just wanted to let you know we're doing well. Tiny has made many friends out here and isn't dreading starting at a new school, albeit for only about 1 1/2 months, since she'll know a few people. Mister is wiling away his summer playing video games and watching movies. I should probably get him to be more active, but I'd be doing the exact same thing if I could. Little Man is now 2 and his daddy is now 35. This weekend we celebrated by going to Sea World and then a family party the following day. If you're ever thinking of visiting Sea World during the summer...DON'T. I felt like I was melting all day. And we only stayed a few hours because it was just too hot. But we did get to see the Shamu show and ride a roller coaster and see the animals.

H is enjoying his classes and is learning a lot. He's been ace-ing all his tests and seems to be really into his new career path. I am still putting together my packet to apply to the AF officer board. I got my physical taken care of, and while they want me to get another test to make sure my ticker is working great, I can move forward in the application process without them requiring that test for it. When I am chosen, they can run the test then. Sounds good to me. So, I have started the paper work and am going to gather up everything else I need. Then polish it all up and send it off in December. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE cross your finger, say a prayer, think good thoughts that the next board won't be cancelled like the last two were. If it is, I will have to wait until April to apply. I'd rather do all this sooner than later. Because after I'm selected, it will likely be another year before I leave for training. So, like I said, the sooner, the better.

In other things, I am hurting to find a good hair stylist that I can trust to dye my hair. That is a hard part of moving, you have to start over again at each place to find the best stylist, dentist, routes, etc. So, if anyone knows a good stylist in San Angelo, TX, please pass along the info.

Well, I'm off. I'll see ya when I see ya.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

I'm going to blame the heat.

I have some updates from the 4th of July weekend and some about our new home in San Angelo. But I am lacking the motivation and resources at the moment to post those. So, be on the look out soon. Hope you're all doing well.