Saturday, March 31, 2007

Weekend Summary

It's been a good weekend so far. Friday, I was able to teach a lesson in the junior high class about the poem "Casey At Bat". The kids seemed to enjoy it and the lesson I gave them. That night, we watched "The Pursuit of Happyness" and it was really good. I'm loving our new Netflix. I signed up for it about 2 weeks ago and it's been nice so far. The kids like having a new cartoon to watch every few days and I love not having late fees. Today, I kicked butt on the house. I cleaned the kitchen, the living room, and the bathrooms. I managed to make lunch and bake cookies all around watching the church conference on tv. The guys attended a church meeting tonight. So, I invited some gals from church over with their kiddos to hang out at my house. We let the kids run wild while we chatted and snacked on cookies, chips and dip. It was time well spent. Tomorrow, we will watch more of the conference and will be having dinner at my brother-in-law's.

The catch 22 of a good weekend of cleaning and socializing is that I usually haven't touched my homework. And that is the case right now. I have a presentation due in my language arts class that I have yet to start. It's really hard to have to compromise between a clean house and homework. I hate to see one suffer, but am only able to do so much at once. 4 more weeks, 4 more weeks has become my mantra.

The above was typed yesterday and it is now Sunday.

We just got back from my brother-in-law's house for dinner. It was really good food and great company. Among the guests was a woman that H used to date in high school and her husband. H's latest client is buying their house and we invited them to the dinner tonight. They're a pretty nice couple. Dinner didn't agree with me however, and I'm not having a good time right now. Will post more later. Got some homework to do, laundry to wash, and about a million more trips to the loo. Good night.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Papers, B's, and Music

As Mody mentioned in the comment section, that paper that I slaved over at the last minute until 3 am on Monday night.........was not actually due the next day. It's due tomorrow. I was frustrated over the hours of perfectly good sleep I missed. Oh well. At least it gave me a chance to go back over my paper before it's due tomorrow and realize that it was essential to completely rearrange more than half of it in order for it to be decent. It's amazing what you will believe is great writing at 2 am. Now it's in real order and makes more sense. I think it went from a low B to an A. I'm hoping anyway. All I ever get from this prof is B's and those papers were the 2 am ones. I need to start rearranging all the due dates on my papers to fool myself into working on them earlier.

Good News: I got my last Spanish test back and I actually pulled off a B. That's pretty much a miracle considering that I was sure I had bombed it completely. Not bad, not bad at all. My composition, however, did not fare as well since it was too short. It got an embarassingly low grade. Thankfully the final grades for the tests count for a larger percentage than the compositions do.

Well, it's late and I definitely need the sleep.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A Morsel

I have posted a miniscule amount of my writings since starting this blog and am a little embarassed by that. Nevertheless, here, for your enjoyment, is a small morsel of a thought I wrote down yesterday on my commute. It's not much, but more than nothing.

"The architecture was reminiscent of the brownstones of New York. But the doorways were too flat. The exterior of the building did not embrace you as you climbed up the steps. It did not invite you into its history or whisper its unique personality into your senses. It was a cost-efficient clone, an effort at nostalgia that fell flat, as flat as its doorways."

Got any thoughts? Share.

MY MUSIC MEME...Thanks, Janna!

I have been tagged with a meme by the lovely Janna and since I am stil new to the whole meme thing, I feel no ill will about it. Heck, it saves me from having to think of something about my glamorous life to blog about. I am to list seven songs/cds that I have listened to recently and elaborate a bit. I am then to tag seven other bloggers with this blessing of a meme. Most of my musical enjoyment recently has been from listening to my personal playlist of songs on imeem. So, without further ado, I give you...THE MUSIC MEME.

1. "We Belong Together" Mariah Carey
This song is one of the few that I really like of hers since about the mid-90's. I don't think she's taking full advantage of her remarkable voice anymore. Listen to her first career CD and then compare to her recent work and you might agree.
2. "Tell Me" Groove Theory
I like this song cause it's a mellow beat that still makes you bop your head. It's a good, simple song.
3. "She's Like the Wind" VibeKingz feat. Maliq
Yes, that song from Dirty Dancing. But this is a new version with a good beat and a new spin. I heard it on my way home from school a few months ago, looked it up, and have been playing it since. If you look it up, it has a good video too.
4. "Crowded" Jeannie Ortega feat. Papoose
I blast this in my car occasionally. It's a fun beat with tough girl lyrics (sorta). Fun to dance to.
5. "Need You Tonight" INXS
I'm old enough to remember when this was first released and it was pretty popular. But when I hear this song, I remember the scene from Coyote Ugly where Violet tricks Kevin into dancing on the bar. 

6. "It's Not Over" Chris Daughtry

I was really pulling for this guy on American Idol, but am kinda glad that he didn't win. His success will now be based on the recognition of his raw talent and not because of a popularity contest that is now tainted by plots to pick the winners based on anything but talent. (Sorry, had to let that out a little.) He's got a great, raw voice like some of the best rockers and not to mention that he's nice to look at.
7. "Popular" Wicked Soundtrack

I had throw in something off-the-wall. I really do listen to this often though. While in London, some of the girls were obsessed with this musical and would dance around the flat singing this song. What was funny was that one of the girls actually had a high voice like Kristin Chenoweth.

So, there it is folks. My musical taste runs pretty rampant through all genres. Yes, even a tiny (really tiny) bit of rap. I invite you to check out my playlists to enjoy the variety.

So, now the part you've been dreading, I mean anticipating. I get to tag others with this fun meme. I think I will choose...
Mama P
Chelle and Chel
Vinnie G
Wow, one more. Who's the lucky duck? It's Lisa. Have fun folks!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Now, a Moment for Elation

I did it. I finished it. I finished the "hardest paper we'll have in theory all semester." (The prof's words, not mine. Though, I would agree.) I would tell you what it was about, but it's some pretty hard crap to explain if you're not in the class. Anyway, I finished it at about 3:30 am...a full two hours sooner than the last paper due the next morn. I'm proud that I finished it and more proud that I read it and it makes sense. Yay! Unfortunately, Mody is still slaving over the same paper at this moment. Hope she gets it done and manages some sleep. That's where I'm bed. Goodnight!

Monday, March 26, 2007

The Death of a Beautiful Woman

As my career as an undergrad is slowly coming to a close, I find myself looking over papers I have written and submitted in the last few years. Most were likely written in the wee hours and seem to have escaped with satisfactory grades. While looking over these papers, I remembered an assignment that was given last summer in a poetry class. We had to construct a webpage about our research topic for that semester. I chose to write on the deaths of beautiful women in art and literature in the 19th century. While I did not put it off completely until the night before the due date, I did save the bulk of it for that night. Thankfully, H is quite skilled in developing webpages and helped me greatly in finishing the project. Looking back on it, I vaguely recall all that we learned that semester, but am quite proud of the writing and the page. Here it is in all of its glory for your perusal...Femmes Mortes.

A Moment for Procrastination

This is my last attempt at putting off my theory paper that is due tomorrow morning. I'm predicting an all-nighter with another energy drink. It doesn't help that the prof let us know that this would be the hardest paper we write all semester. With only about 5 weeks left til graduation, the thought of wearing the cap and gown and walking the stage is keeping me going.

As for summer classes, I was looking up the classes needed for a math endorsement last week. Due to prerequisites for the courses needed, I can't see myself actually going forward with the math. The prereqs will double the courses, including some higher level math that I didn't plan on. I don't have it in me. I like math, but only to a certain degree, then I'm just hopeless. It looks like I will be taking a short break from school until I enter grad school next year. I haven't skipped any semesters for about 3 years. What will I do, you ask? WORK. I haven't worked a continuous job in about 2 years. Even then, I don't think I've ever worked anywhere for longer than 6 months. Not very promising, huh? I plan to substitute teach starting in the fall and continuing through spring. For the summer, I may delve into that home staging/organizing opportunity. Work will definitely be necessary though since my student loans will be going into repayment. No fun.

Well, I've successfully delayed my paper for about 15 more minutes. No more excuses. Hope you have a better day than I will.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Spring Has Sprung

It is officially Spring. After helping H clear out and organize his office yesterday, I sat on our back porch to soak up some sun. I love our back porch. It is large, very open, and a cheery yellow. When we moved in, I envisioned BBQs, parties, and long warm summer afternoons. Tiny's last birthday saw a party and a number of 6 year olds running, eating, and playing on the large, warm porch. Unfortunately, the porch became quite a dumping ground when the weather turned cold and was covered with old furniture and wood for burning. Thankfully, H cleared it all off a couple of weeks ago and I am once again picturing festivities on this beautiful spot.

Back to yesterday...I was sitting in a camping chair, soaking up the sun and feeling quite drowsy. I drifted off and took a wonderfully restful nap while the sun slowly shifted in the sky and began to bathe my face as well as my body. I awoke feeling quite pleasant, and also a bit sweaty. It was wonderful. In the air hung the aroma of BBQ from a neighboring yard. Spring has finally arrived, and if that lingering nap and aroma are any indication, it is going to be a beautiful season.

Friday, March 23, 2007

My Pleasure(s)

Some of my pleasures in life: House: Interesting story lines, especially with men this good-looking. I saw Hugh Laurie in Stuart Little and in some BBC shows. For some reason, he wasn't nearly as sexy playing a nice guy.
London: This study abroad was the best thing I have ever done (behind hubby and kiddos). I loved every minute of it and would do it again in a second.Aston Martin: Ok, so I don't have an Aston Martin and I probably never will. But it sure is nice to look at and its hum quickens the pulse.
George Strait: I've adored this man for some time. George Strait has had over 50 #1 hits in his career, more than any other artist, in any genre. Not to mention that he looks great in his Wranglers.

Movies: Now, if I was asked what my favorite movie genre was, I would say Comedy or Action. But, ironically, my two favorite movies are Romantic Comedies, which I would have listed last. But I could watch these movies over and over and over again.Long Hair: I can't believe how long my hair grew when I was in London. I think it was only this long because I couldn't afford to visit the salon. I'm currently trying to grow it out again. It's kinda sexy like this.
Heroes: Can we say "addiction"? I've been completely sucked into this story and am counting the days until the new episodes.

Graduation: I will be walking that line in about 6 weeks to get my Bachelors. It will be the conclusion of about 9 years of work; through babies, work, and breaks. I'm predicting tears.
Tees and Games: I love funny t-shirts. I browse a few websites regularly that sell hilarious tees. I'll have to post them soon. Simultaneously, I really am a word nerd. I love word games and am usually the designated "spell check" for my husband. Once I read a word, it's in my head a photographic memory, but only with words.
These are a few of the things that bring me joy and keep me sane.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Real Moms...

Today, I came across the blog Real Mom Truths via Mom Writes. This is a blog that invites women to share their views and stories on what makes a "real mom". These have been floating through many blogs as memes but everyone is invited to share on the blog. Browsing through the links, I found some really beautiful examples of this daunting, neverending job/blessing of motherhood.

One in particular caught my attention...Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway. I know that I want another baby, but the timing is under heavy scrutiny. But when I have thought about it seriously, it scares the crap out of me. I become filled with fear. My first child was a big unplanned surprise and the second was planned, but I still don't think I knew what we were jumping into. Now, I have a much clearer understanding of what would lie ahead...and it scares me. I know the baby would be wonderful and that I would know what I was doing. But the idea of actually deciding to bring another life into the world that I would be responsible for is a weightier thought than just picking out names. The important thing is that there will be another little one, I want him/her, but I will be waiting until the time and decision are right(er).

So, I decided to jump into this mommy fun with both feet and share a few bits of my mommyhood with you.

Real Moms:

Use all their talents to bring a smile to a birthday boy/girl's face.

Are the only ones who remember to bring sunscreen to a day at the speedway.Don't change much, even with "grand" in front of the their name.Know when to bring the camera.

Have to have dreams and aspirations that are all their own, and the prodding to remember that they deserve to fulfill them. (Thanks H!)

Real Moms also have wicked stretch marks, but I'm not ready to bare all on my blog yet. Plus, I can usually hide my mommy-body side effects pretty well, don't you think?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Mister really needs a haircut. We've let his shaggy style grow a little too long. Unfortunately, barbers and most hairstylist apparently take Mondays off and I couldn't get it cut yesterday. I told him that I may have to cut it myself.
"No," he exclaimed.
"Why not? Why can't I cut it?" I asked.
"Do you know how to cut hair?" he asked.
"No," I replied.
To which he stated, "That's why not."
I'm raising him well.


Eww. We woke up this morning to our son telling us that the dog pooped in his room. H started cleaning it up and found that the dog had also hit his office twice. Apparently, she ate something that upset her and unloaded (more like sprayed) in the middle of the night. The downside of an old house is that you can't open half the windows because they are caulked and painted shut and Mister's window is one of them. So, our house stinks and I need to rent a carpet cleaner. A great start to my week of cleaning while on break and quite a Welcome Home from the dog.

(This post is dedicated to Pass the Zoloft. I know how much you love posts on poop.)

Monday, March 19, 2007


We got back today at around 2pm. It was a looooong drive home even though it took the same amount of times as when we left. It felt long because we had to wake up at 5am to leave by 6am, before Hobby left for school. We had such a blast though. Friday, we arrived in Denver at about 4pm and relaxed a bit. In preparation for our night out, we then stopped by the store for fake eyelashes and at an ATM for cash. We returned to the apartment, got dressed, made ourselves up, and primped. We also put on our "hen party" outfits of devils and angels.

Nobby, the bride, was wearing a hotsy totsy outfit consisting of a very short black skirt, lacy black top, and black stilletos. All of this was complimented with wings, a halo, and a "Bride To Be" button. About a million snapshots later, we finally headed out the door for dinner. We ate Thai and it was fab. Again, we took another million snaptshots of each other in our garb.

After dinner, we headed the "The Church", a very popular club situated in an old cathedral-like church. It had three levels of music, in-house dancers and a fashion show, and a sushi bar. It was pretty impressive. We stuck together, danced to some body shaking music, and avoided creepy old men on the dance floor. We stayed until about 12:30. I know that is pretty early, but one gal doesn't like clubs, another's feet were killing her, and you have to remember that we're Mormon and don't drink. We had our fun and headed out. On our way out, we witnessed a man layed out on the sidewalk, bleeding profusely from his head and shoulder. Apparently, he was pretty drunk and fell off the terrace that is about a good 11 feet tall. He had plenty of help and maybe a little more common sense after that. We went home, changed, and fell asleep after chatting.

Saturday, we awoke to a gourmet breakfast of yogurt parfaits and quiche (Hobby is in a culinary academy). It was delicious. We took our time getting ready for the day and having fun just talking and joking around. We drove to Boulder and visited Pearl Street. Apparently, this street is featured in the new movie "Catch and Release" with Jennifer Garner. It is a long pedestrian street full of shops and restaurants, music and street performers. It was great to walk through so many eclectic clothing, record, and home decor shops. The only thing I bought was a journal that has "seductive" quotes about love, lust, and life. I can't resist a great quote. After the shopping, we ate a late lunch at a pub. Then we went for dessert of crepes that were not that great, but better than the service where we got them. Before seeing a movie, we killed time at Brookstone in the massage chairs. Nobby found an exercise device that when used properly, resembles bullriding and a bit naughty. We laughed quite a lot about that. The movie was picked by Nobby also and was "Premonition". This was awful. Four of us left the movie depressed and a bit traumatized. It was bad enough that Nobby can't pick the movies anymore. Needless to say, she was teased mercilessly for the rest of the night about that movie. We went home, watched a happy movie and fell asleep.

Sunday, we got up later, ate another gourmet breakfast of swedish pancakes and sausage links and eggs with bacon. We got ready for afternoon church and left about 1pm for it. After church, we went home, changed, and hung out. We were served baked pasta shells with meat sauce and cheeses, rolls, and salad. We played a game for a while, watched movies, and I had a visit from a high school friend that is living in Denver. I haven't seen her in about 3 years and that was only for a few hours. Before that, I hadn't seen her in about 7 years. It was a nice short visit. Me and the girls then exchanged some pics on cds, packed, and crashed. We left early this morning and are now back home. I picked the kids up from school and Tiny ran into my arms when she saw me. I missed them a lot. H let me know he really missed me too. For the rest of the day, we showed two houses to some clients/friends, then picnicked with them. I am one tired woman. But I had a blast this weekend. The other girls did too.

I am now eating this:

And thinking of this:


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Aaaaannnndddd.....WE'RE OFF!

Well, we're off tomorrow morn for Denver and a weekend full of fun and laughs. I am ecstatic to get away from school, homework, and housework. Nothing but me and the girls for four days. We plan to do the bachelorette party/clubbing on Friday night, hang out Saturday out in Denver, then church and hanging out in the apartment on Sunday. The roadtrip alone should be a ton of fun. The last roadtrip we took was me, Nobby, and Mody in Ireland. We were in Dublin for the weekend and wanted to see the Cliffs of Moher. We were a bit disappointed when we found out that they were on the coast of Ireland that was opposite of where we were. (That is grammatically horrible.) So, we rented a car and drove there. I was the only one old enough to rent and drive the car, so I had the honor of navigating the narrow roads, three lane roundabouts, driving in the left lane, all while sitting on the right side of the car. You could easily say I was pretty nervous. I'm pretty sure that the driving will be a lot easier this time around. And I hope that Liz won't be freaking out and screaming in fear this time when a semi passes us.

So, if I'm not posting for a while, you know why. I'm out partying it up with my girlfriends in another state. I'll be taking lots of pics and will tell you all about it. Later.

Monday, March 12, 2007

You know that feeling?

I love the feeling I get when I finish a test knowing that I did well and am content. Well, I'm not feeling that right now. I totally spaced on one whole section of the test. I couldn't figure out if I was supposed to use the future subjunctive or the present subjunctive. Ugh. I had to call Hobby and ask her what effect the test would have on my overall grade if I bombed it. She set my mind at ease by running the numbers for me and telling me that it wouldn't have a huge effect on it. I really need a nap, some candy, and a vacation.

I'm off to see el sorcerer (the wizard)......

I'm off to take my second Spanish test. I finished my composition over an hour ago. It's nowhere near a full page, but at this point, I just don't care. I also finished almost all of the online workbook. I didn't do three of the problems that were composition because I am severely lacking the time to make up for my lack in vocabulary to complete it. I have been studying the test material for almost two hours and feel a little less panicked.'s all about compromises. Wish me luck. Hopefully, my brain won't fall out on the way to school before I need it for the test.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Many Blessings Coming My Way

I have some amazing things coming my way.

1. Today, I started teaching a class at church. I will be doing this once a month. I was nervous, but I really enjoyed it and was told by many of the ladies at church that I did well.
2. This Friday, me and the LonDolls will be loading up my car and roadtripping to Denver. I see mixed CDs, lots of junk food, and a ton of laughs coming my way.
3. Friday, I got an advertisement from my university bookstore for my graduation garb. It hit me that in less than two months, I will be walking that line and it will be the completion of a long journey. I fully plan on having a HUGE party afterwards; family, friends, and a lot of music and food. Not to mention that my parents will be here! I can't wait to send out the invitations and buy my cap and gown. Yay!

Man, I have a lot of blessings coming my way and a lot of work in between. Is there any better way to be? This is great.

Weekend Update

This has been a BUSY weekend. Friday, I went to help at the junior high class, but only stayed an hour this time. I left early because some friends from church, aka H's clients, were prepping for an open house and I went to help the wife clean and straighten up. I first picked up some cardboard boxes for her, picked up my kiddos from school, and hauled them and the boxes with me to her house. Once there, I helped her pick up and then began on her walk-in closet. She had cleaned it up a bit, but there was still a lot that could be done. I ended up rearranging some of the clothes, grouping them together by color and stowed the extra hangers out of sight. I then folded and grouped the clothes and bags on the shelf. Finally, we packed away half the shoes in the closet and arranged the stuff on the floor. She was really impressed with the results. She didn't think it could get that clean.

I then did the same thing to her kids' closet. And finally, I organized her washroom shelves, which housed gift bags to cleaning products. By then, we had been cleaning for about 5 hours, so I took the kiddos to eat and went home. But I have to say, I completely enjoyed myself. It felt really good to do some hard, physical work for a change. I'm usually spending my time on reading texts and writing papers. That side of my brain definitely needed a break. So, that night me and the kids rented movies and got pizza.

Saturday, I had promised the kids that I would take them to see "Happy Feet" at the dollar theater. So, we went to an 11:30 show. Afterwards, I hit a secondhand clothing store that I LOVE for a new(ish) pair of jeans. My last pair from there are completely worn out (button is missing and both knees are naked). The kids were good to put up with this little excursion. After trying on a few things, I found a great pair of jeans that are really long (bonus) and a LONG red shirt that is super cute and perfect for going clubbing for the Hen Party. Tiny was in the dressing room with me and she let me know that she didn't really like the shirt because she said it's not big enough for my belly. Ouch. So, I'll do some crunches before I leave. It's worth it.

H called after I spent too much money and asked if I could come cover his open house for a little while so he could show some houses. I quickly put on my cute new outfit with some heels and headed over. I had about 5 people come through while I was there and I had fun chatting with them and showing them around. We closed up the open house at 4 pm and H asked us to come with him to show some houses since he was tired and fading fast from helping the clients finish up their house at 7am. He didn't think he would be able to drive for long, so we tagged along. We were tracking down addresses and walking around houses for about two hours.

We then drove around for over an hour trying to find an Applebee's that wasn't crammed full of people waiting for a table. We had a delicious meal, dessert, and then headed to the dollar theater (the second trip for me and the kids that day). We (I) decided on Rocky Balboa. Mock me if you must, but it's a classic series. I LOVE the fact that Sylvester Stallone wrote the movies. While I greatly enjoyed this last installment, I felt that in parts of the story, the writing felt rushed and unresolved. But this comes from someone who has yet to write a full story. The kids were exhausted from the day and didn't even make it half way through the movie. The movie ended after midnight, we went home, and collapsed on the couch.

As busy and enjoyable as the weekend has been, I have not done a lick of homework or housework. The weekend is about to start and I am already behind. They really need to make 3-4 day weekends the norm.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Life and Some of its Perks

Just wanted to update you on the grad school dilemma. I have decided to stick with the current plan of waiting until next summer to apply. By doing so, I will be better prepped for the exams and the application process, I will complete the math classes needed for the endorsement, and the math endorsement will give me a better chance of getting into the grad program as opposed to the overpopulated English major. Math seems to be what will get me in the door and keep me there until a door for the English opens up, school and job-wise. I just hope I can pass the math classes. I'm not especially talented at math, but I usually find it doable with help.

Other news: The LonDolls are set to go to Colorado for our break. And for the hen party, we will be dressing up as an angel (the bride) and devils (the rest of us). The bride is pretty excited and it should be good fun. I'm just praying that the weather will agree with our travel.

Sidenote: I stopped by the grocery store on the way home from class to pick up a few things. While loading my stuff at the register, I let the guy behind me go ahead since he only had two things. When I was loading up my car afterwards, he pulled beside me in his and told me, "I just wanted to tell you that you are extremely attractive. You probably get that all the time." I, of course, smile and blush. I told him thank you and that I appreciated that. The first thing that popped into my mind though was that my husband tells me that often. It's nice to be complimented like that by someone, but it always feels the best when H tells me that I look really nice or when he checks me out. It makes me feel really good and I know that he is telling me the truth. If I'm not sure about an outfit or a hairdo, I will ask him and know that I am getting an honest opinion. No, I am not always thrilled when he tells me something isn't working, but I'm glad to know that he's honest about it. But it sure feels good when he is liking what he sees.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Maybe I'll Graduate Before Menopause?!?

I am so overloaded. I found out today that the school extended the application deadline for the grad program I was wanting to get into. Good news, right? Well, let me share the backstory to this.

I didn't find out about this program until last fall. It's for students that have a bachelors in a subject that is taught in secondary education, eg. math, science, English, but have no teaching credentials or degree. It is a short Masters program that covers your teaching requirements and student teaching all in about a year. I was pretty excited when I heard about it. Some of the requirements include a personal statement, two letters of recommend, certain gpa, and certain scores on two entrance exams. By the time I found about the program, the application deadline was only about 3 months away. So, I signed up for the next exams, paid extra because I missed the application deadlines, and took them after only a few days of studying. Fast forward a month later, the scores come back, and I narrowly missed the required score on one test and didn't score high enough in one section of the other exam. Ok, I decided to try the one with sections again, pay the late fee again (since I had to wait for my scores to know if I would even have to take it again), and take the test again, mainly focusing on that section since I already passed the others. Another month passes, I find out I still didn't score high enough.

By this time, it's less than a month until the deadline, I have no time to take it again, not to mention that I am also already over $400 lighter because of all the fees. So, after much anger, depression and resentment, I decided that I would have to wait until next year to try again. Fast forward to today in class, my prof informs us that the grad school decided to extend the deadline until one month from now. Apparently, this was decided a month ago, but wasn't circulated very well. I was LIVID! I could have scheduled the exams again and been compiling my application.

So, I went to the program advisor, chatted with her about the situation and asked for her take on my options and chances. She told me that it largely depends on the number of applicants, how much more eligible they are, and how many are entering the same field as me (which is English aka the most popular and populated subject for teachers). On the upside, I did excellent on the other two of the three sections of the test. So, she said I had two options:
1. Play the about 50-50 odds and apply for the program with my new test results pending, but spend a lot of money again.
2. Do as I planned and prep for applying next year. The upside is that I can apply with the more desirable math credentials that I would take between now and then along with the English I already have. The downside is that they are seriously considering changing the entire program and may not offer it next year.

I'm so vexed. I don't know what to do yet. I abhor the idea of having to wait another year, but I also know through watching some friends in the same field that if I only have the English credentials, I won't be highly marketable and it will be hard to find a job. Ugh. I'm trying to think positively about the fact that I even have the opportunity to go to school. But I have been in school going on 9 years soon and I AM TIRED! I want to be done, work, and contribute my skills to my classes and my paycheck to our debt. I want to put all this knowledge to use already.

And if that isn't enough for me to ponder, I have two tests, two papers, a workbook, and a presentation all due in the next week and a half. Please, someone throw me in a class of unwilling high schoolers already. Just kidding. All in good time.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

A pretty good weekend

It's been a good weekend so far. Since I have no Friday class, I count Thursday as my Friday. Friday, I went to help at the junior high class. I am still feeling really useful with the students and am learning a lot. Friday night, I went to the pub with the LonDolls. We ate, laughed, and planned our trip for Spring Break for about two hours. We're hoping to go to Denver to visit Hobby and to also have a Hen Party (bachelorette party) for Nobby before she gets hitched. We were trying to come up with costume ideas, because you have to dress up in costume for a Hen Party. We saw quite a few themes in Dublin, including a group of women wearing headbands with two coils that came off the top (like antenna) with two male genitalia on the ends. Trippy was insistent that we not wearing anything of that sort and I was inclined to agree on drawing the line at wearing genitalia on my head. We ultimately decided that the bride-to-be would be an angel and the rest of us will be devils. We will dress up and go clubbing for a night. It is very odd to see a huge ring on Nobby's finger and to know that I won't be the only married gal anymore. I'm really happy for her though. You can tell if a guy is good for your friend when they are still their fun selves or even more so. I don't think she can talk about her guy without smiling.

We also talked about Hobby's new modeling career. She has finished her classes and had her portfolio shots taken this weekend. We got a sneak peek on her camera and she looked so different with all the makeup and done up hair. It was exciting to see and hear about though. So, after dinner, half of us went to the theater and saw Casino Royale. Now, I'm not much on James Bond. I've never really watched a whole movie. But this one was excellent. All the action was exciting and it was very pleasing to look at the new Bond. He is quite satisfactory. After that, we sat and chatted a while longer, then drove back to our cars. Overall, it was a great night, full of laughs. It is getting increasingly harder to schedule get-togethers as we all become busier with school, work, and relationships. I think we will always try to come together though.

Today, Mody came over and we had a Heroes marathon. She had missed the last 5 episodes because of our new school schedules. After watching it last week, I knew I couldn't just tell her what was happening and had to have her watch it. We ate junk food and watched about 4 hours of online tv. We were crosseyed when we were done, but it was fun. Before she had arrived, I managed to clean my living room, the main bathroom, the front hall and the kitchen. I was pretty pleased with myself. Unfortunately, I have yet to even look at my homework. There's tomorrow, I guess.

I also felt like a complete heel when I called my mom and realized that I had forgotten her birthday a few days ago. I felt like crap. H's mom has the same bday as her and he said that he had tried to call her a few days ago and was unsuccessful. You'd think we would remember it a little better since they are on the same day. Being mom though, she was quick to forgive.

Well, better hit the hay before I fall aslepoipoiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.....just kidding. Good night.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Blast from Roller Rink Past

I heard a song this morning that reminded me of way back when I was in junior high and my little brother and I would go to the skating rink every weekend. Once I got into junior high, we were deemed old enough to go by ourselves. My dad would drop us off, give us $20 and tell us he'd be back at 11pm. We would rent our skates and I would make sure to wear two pairs of socks because those rental skates were not made for comfort. We'd split up to hang with friends, eat, play games, and skate to our fav songs. There was a DJ, so we would make requests and dedications and hope we could find someone for the couple skates.

This is where I met Brandy, one of my best friends. I saw her there a lot and we started talking and ended up hanging out all the time. I met many cute guys there, slapped my first one, and we perfected dancing while on wheels.

Here is a list of some of those forgotten memories of music played while we were skating around, wishing we were older and not knowing how great we had it.

Mr. Big "To Be With You"
Right Said Fred "I'm Too Sexy"
Color Me Badd "All 4 Love"
Boyz II Men "End of the Road", "On Bended Knee", "I'll Make Love to You" (they had quite a streak)
LL Cool J (with Boyz II Men) "Hey Lover"
Tag Team "Whoomp, There it is"
H Town "Knockin' Da Boots"
Duice "Dazzey Duks" (yes, that's how they spelled it)
Snow "Informer"
Shai "Baby I'm Yours", "If I Ever Fall In Love"

There are just too many to list. If you want to have a blast from the past and see a list of songs you've completely forgotten but used to totally love, check out Music Outfitters. That is the link for the year 1993. If you want to check out a different year, just change the year in the web address. Talk about memories. More on that later.