Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My hands are shaking as I type this...

I just drank my first full energy drink. It was a Mountain Dew Amp Energy. I've only tasted one energy drink before, but tonight I had the whole thing. And if you can see the time of post, you will know that it lives up to its name. I put off a theory paper until the last minute and told H that I knew what and how I wanted to write but the challenge was staying awake. He asked if I wanted him to go get me an energy drink and after considering my impending paper deadline on top of a presentation I needed to finish up, I consented. It wasn't the best tasting drink I've ever had, but it didn't make me ill and I drank the whole thing. So, here it is, about 2 hours since my last sip and my fingers are still going 100 mph. I finished the paper, finished my presentation outline, and organized my presentation clips and audio on my desktop, and just need to print up some copies of poems. I can feel the caffeine still flooded in my veins. At 5:30 am, is it even worth it to go to bed? Well, I probably will and I will definitely remember that drink the next time I pull an all-nighter. I'm not as young as I used to be and need that extra boost just to stay awake. This may even become a new addiction. Like I need another one? Good night...er, morning.

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