Thursday, February 15, 2007

How was your day of love?

It seems that the days of "What did you get?" are not over, even as you get older. That seemed to be the question yesterday, though it is now focused more on the sentiment rather than the scorekeeping of gifts received like in junior high. When asked, many people responded that they had received flowers, dinner, or candy. My response? I got spoiled...or as spoiled as you can get on our budget. When I lamented that I was hungry around lunchtime, he immediately drove to my fav burger place and got me a burger and fries. Earlier, he had also given me a bottle of root beer (there's a backstory to that), a card, and a 1/2 lb. of Hershey's chocolate. The card was beautiful and not too mushy with the simple Love, H signed on it. I think when you add too much wording to a card, it can detract from the loving and carefully chosen words in the card. This is provided that the giver actually searched for the right card with the right sentiment, which H always does.

The backstory to the rootbeer: As newlyweds, we had one of our first real arguments and went to bed upset. I know, people say you shouldn't do that. But I think that getting some rest and resolving an argument when you feel calmer is better than staying up all night, tired and angry, trying to fix a problem that you are still frusted about. Anyway, after I woke up, H had already left for work and I was still a bit upset. Then I opened the fridge to start breakfast and found a single bottle of rootbeer on the top shelf. It was his way of saying sorry and that he still loved me. Needless to say, I couldn't be upset after that and felt really loved. So, rootbeer isn't just rootbeer to us.

What did I get him yesterday? I got him a great card that didn't have the most appealing (to me) design, but it said just what I wanted him to know. I also got him a huge tub of red vines, one of his fav candies. We will also be going to dinner with some friends tonight that we love being around but rarely get the chance to spend time with. (You know...finding time, finding a sitter, aligning schedules.)

I feel amazingly blessed to have H. Our marriage has been no smooth ride by any means, but the hard times make me appreciate the good ones. I love the random moments of laughter, our conversations after the kids leave the dinner table, and the sense of humor we try to find when we find ourselves in a tough situation. I especially love that he loves me, all of me, rough edges, sometimes unthinking, sometimes rude, sometimes sad and confusing, my weird sense of humor, my random thoughts, and my soft (-er than when we married) curves. He says I'm beautiful when I'm makeup-less and cute in sweats. He hugs me for a long time, smiles at me when I'm sad, listens to my opinion, plays with our children, and even still sometimes carries me up the stairs at night. I always say that I knew he was the one for me because I knew deep down that I would NEVER find another person better than him. And you know what? I still have yet to meet one.

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