Saturday, February 03, 2007

A bit of a sabbatical...

What I am going to say in this post is quite the opposite of the subject of my last post. In my theory class this week, we were discussing how our lives nowadays have become so full that we have the need to externalize our thoughts, ideas, and agendas. What do I mean by this, you ask? Well, take your cell phone for example. How many important numbers would be absolutely lost if you broke/lost your cell? How many appointments/events would you miss if you couldn't find your calendar/planner/pda? Our lives have become so full with activities, appointments, phone numbers, and other info that we can not contain it all in our own minds. He also mentioned that someone said our work areas (desks, cubicle, etc) are a reflection of our minds. Yikes! Mine would win an award for the most unorganized mess of a mind in history...ok, I exaggerate a bit. But it's a lot worse than I would like.

This discussion has stuck in my head all week and I have found that it really bothered me. I have let my life become so dependent on externalization and it bothers me that I can not keep it straight on my own. I never wanted to have to keep my life in order with a day planner. Sure, I know they have helped millions and it works well for people, but I just never wanted to have to be that overly busy. So, I started to think about ways to simplify my life, schedule, and priorities. One immediate idea was television. I can easily waste half a day in front of the boob tube if I'm not careful. Afterwards, I feel like a total bum, not having accomplished a thing. A couple blogs ago, I mentioned that I LOVE 'Heroes' and if I could only watch one show all week, that would be it. Well, I remembered this and thought, "Why don't I try that? If that's the only show that I actually feel I MUST watch (addiction? what addiction?), then that should be the only one I DO watch. Sure, I like other shows..."Numbers", "CSI", "Live with Regis and Kelly", etc. But "Heroes" is the only one that I REALLY, FULLY enjoy. So, that's the tv plan.

Next, the internet. There are a lot of websites that I visit on a regular basis that do not warrant any real beneficial reason to visit them so often. I can easily spend two hours on the 'net just browsing through some of these sights. So, I will be narrowing them down to a precious few...mostly email, news, and a few blogs. I have found that although there are some great folks out there in the blogging world, I can not spend all my time keeping up with them. Sadly, my own blogging may be less frequent as well. This saddens me just a bit, but there are a lot of other really important things that I need to devote my time, home, and school (that Spanish homework isn't going to do itself, and try as I may, I can't absorb my reading through osmosis).

There are a number of other things I will try along the way, but I think that this is a good start. I will keep in touch on here and hopefully be accomplishing a lot more with my simpler load in life. Take care.

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