Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Does Rayovac have a bunny too???

My first baby just completed his very first science fair project. He did an experiment to see if Rayovac batteries last as long as Energizer batteries, as they claim on the package. He ran each set of batteries in a remote control car, recording the time, until they died. He found that Rayovacs, at just under 2 hours, do not even last half as long as Energizers, with almost 5 hours. I am so proud of him because he did the work himself. He ran the tests, recorded the data, and then proceeded to put together a slide show of his data which he then printed out for his board. His dad guided him and helped a little here and there. I only helped decorate his data board. Everything else was all him. Thankfully, I didn't become THAT mom that does all the work for him like Mom Writes blogged about. I am so proud of him. Below are some pics of the finished work.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Amisare,

I am writing on behalf of Energizer to say we are very impressed with your son! We ran across your entry about our son’s science project and would like to recognize him for his hard work. We would like an address to send a plush Energizer Bunny and a Keep Going award for his dedication and perseverance to his project. Please email Mary at with an address and your son's name so Energizer can give him the recognition he deserves!

Thank you and congratulations!

Blick&Staff Communications