Saturday, September 23, 2006

Tiny's Haircut



My Tiny wanted a real haircut because she felt that her hair was getting too long for her taste. I figured that it made sense since she is playing soccer now and it is also taking longer to detangle in the mornings. With her daddy's permission, I set up an appointment for her with the gal that does my hair. After putting it into a ponytail, it was slowly cut. I was then handed a ponytail about 8 inches long of her beautiful, soft hair. I actually felt a pang in my gut when it was cut. It didn't hurt that her hair was going to be much shorter. It was that my little girl was sitting in a salon, deciding what haircut she wanted (not my decision, hers), and seeing the hair that I brushed, washed and caressed since she really was tiny being cut off. It was almost like her babyhood was coming off. She is growing and becoming very much her own individual person. While I am proud, I am also sad. I hope that I can always take part (even in some small way) in moments such as these. It will probably always hurt a little to see them grow and become more independent, but I love who they are becoming and know it will be okay.

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Mama P said...

Oh, I so get the feeling. I cry every year on Nick's birthday. And every time Sophia outgrows some shoes... one of her 3000 pair... I tear up. Great haircut, though! And the color? Wow... is that hers? Gorgeous!