Saturday, September 30, 2006

Soccer and Cowboys (no, not the football team)

The weekend passes way too fast to accomplish much. Conference weekend also takes up more of the weekend and I accomplish much less. On the other hand, I do get to hear some great talks from church leaders and receive much inspiration and am uplifted. Pretty good trade off.

The kids had a soccer practice and game this week. At their practice, the city had two players from the local professional soccer team come out and teach the kids a few techniques. Half of the kids were in awe and the other half would have rather been practicing. Mister was one of the latter and Tiny, the former. She was excited to get their autographs and a poster. Their games also went well. Mister's team got a new player than does well handling the ball. So, they got some more points this time around. Tiny's team also got two new players. They are two little boys from Africa, one of which we know from church. Their whole family plays soccer and he really loves it. H asked the boy we knew what team he was on and he said that he didn't have the money to register for soccer. We know of his family's economic situation and asked them if they wouldn't mind us paying his fee so he could play. They agreed and the boy and his friend joined the team. We were also able to help him get shin guards and cleats.

Well, the boys had fun playing their first game and are pretty talented. After the game, the opposing coach approached H and told him that the boys were supposed to have been on his team. H asked why they hadn't been put on his team and the coach said that he told the boys they would have to pay the fee if they wanted to play. H told him that they wouldn't have been able to pay it, so he did so the boys could play. The guy then actually had the gall to tell H that he was teaching the boys that they could get a free ride and wouldn't have to be responsible to pay for things. What a pretentious, elitist butthead! It infuriated me that the guy didn't look past himself and realize that the love these boys have for the game outweighs the ability to for out money for it. The ref told H that he was right and the other guy was in the wrong. It's just sad. I am glad they can play anyway.

School is going okay. I'm still a little behind in some reading and I have my first test on Monday in Grammar. I finished reading Fight Club a few days ago. It had good writing and an interesting plot twist, but it was amazingly graphic. Just so you know, I never watched the movie so I didn't know what to expect. Don't know if I mentioned before, but I also finished V for Vendetta and watched the movie. I highly recommend both.

Fun stuff: I got to go on a date with my husband last night. We went dancing and it's been a while since we last did. FYI, we went to a country/western club with a live band and it was fun. We played a lot of pool and danced to some fav songs. Just a warning: if you are one of those people that arrive at the club at 7:00pm for the line dance class and then proceed to line dance to every song for the rest of the should probably look for other weekend activities every once in a while. Some of them don't even look like they're having fun while they're doing it. Like zombies or robots. And of course, there were the expected regulars there: the middle-aged, big-haired blond with a tiny shirt and tight jeans, the mentally unstable metalheads with their adoring chics, the big-bellied cowboy in really tight wranglers, and band that keeps telling the crowd to say "hell yeah". The band was okay, but most of the songs all sounded alike. And the DJ played some odd selections, but there was a live band, a pool table, and my guy to dance me around the floor. It was great.

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