Friday, September 15, 2006

Called on account of rain...

Considering that I will always be writing about my family in this blog, I have taken PasstheZoloft's example and decided to assign nicknames to everyone. My husband will be known as H, my son will be Mister, and my daughter will be Tiny. That should be a bit easier.

Yesterday was supposed to be Mister's first soccer game and another practice for Tiny, but we had a doozy of a storm come through a couple hours before. I'm kind of glad for this because I didn't feel one practice was sufficient enought before the first game, especially for the kids who have never played before. So, the weekend lies before us and I am ready to use up every second of it. I have a good amount of reading to catch up on, mostly in theory because the texts are as dry as unbuttered toast in a parched mouth. How's that imagery for you?! Anyways, it's hard to get through and sometimes a bit painful. On top of that, I need to do housework that I let slip during the week. This week has been a tiring one. For the first time, I don't feel overwhelmed with my school work and classes, but this semester is demanding more of me physically than ever before. My bag is heavier, I walk a lot more, and I do extra commuting on the train in order to volunteer. By the time I get home after 3 pm, I have just enough energy to sit down, help the kids with their homework (which I really enjoy), and then I'm trying to stay awake by then. To make matters worse, I don't start my homework until they kids are in bed and I stay up pretty late. Thankfully, I had a loving husband that will make the occasional dinner and help with the kids. He's pretty amazing! Each day, I look at him at least once and wonder how I got so lucky.

I am already getting a bit lazy on my workout too. I will try to pick it back up today and keep at it. I would really like to feel better and feel that I look better too. I will be trying out a new cooking technique this week. I plan to follow some advice I've received and will be planning out the week's dinners in advance. Not only that, but I will also buy everything needed for the meals and preparing the meals in advance. I will spend the better part of Saturday shopping and preparing these meals, and then storing and freezing them. They will then be ready for someone to choose what they want, unwrap it, and pop it in the oven for cooking or reheating. Ta Da...dinner! I hate when it's 6pm and I haven't even thought about what to make and I see that everyone is getting hungry...not to mention the fact that I dislike cooking to begin with. I hope this will help relieve some of that pressure and will be a better solution than eating out 5 days a week, which has happened a lot more lately than I care to admit. It'll definitely be cheaper. I'll let you know how all that works out.

Dreading: I have realized that we will need to replace our stairs sooner than later. I don't know how old they are, but the steps are getting cracks in them and I don't fancy my foot falling through one morning. I should say that I am completely DIY challenged and H is usually too busy to do that stuff. He says it wouldn't be a very hard job, but I think it will take more time than anything and I hate having to stare at unfinished projects, being the cursed perfectionist that I am. Hopefully all that turns out well. We did decide thought that his beloved Zolatone paint will have to go (it's a painting and texturing technique that gives it a faux stone look). I know he really likes it, but I have caught a glimpse of the natural wood molding and am excited to restore it. It's a dark wood.

Well, I have put off my homework long enough. Better get to it.

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