Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Happy Happy Joy Joy, Happy Happy Joy

Why am I so happy, you ask?! I got a new sewing from this decade! I bought it off of craigslist today and have only used it for about an hour, but I am very satisfied. The new machine is only a few years old and was hardly used. It's only about 13 lbs, which I love considering the old one weighed about 30 lbs and could throw out your whole body if swung slightly while being carried. A few clues to its age are that it was my mom's first real machine and it's pink and turquoise. I'm sad to see something with that much history come to its end, but I sure do love the convenience of the new one. I did some work on a quilt I had started when my old machine died its excruciating death. It felt so good to sew. I forgot how much I enjoy it. I will now be working on the many baby quilts I had planned. The first baby is due in a couple of weeks, so I better get cracking. Also, Halloween costumes are just around the corner.

The weather has been exceptionally wet and abruptly cold lately. This is proof that there really is no fall around here, just hot to storm to cold. There is even snow in the mountains. I can tell that the family is itching to hit the slopes. The snowboard equipment is sitting eagerly in the corner awaiting use.

School: Going good. Still a little behind on the incredibly dry theory reading, but no worries. Also need to read more chapters for grammar class. I just finished V for Vendetta (the graphic novel) and also watched the movie. I highly recommend both. Today I started Fight Club and though the material is more raw than I prefer, it has still sucked me in and I look forward to reading it. Tonight, I will also start Alice in Wonderland. I have to admit that I have never actually read the full story. I have read an abridged version and saw that cartoon ages ago. I also look forward to this read. In theory, I am reading some chapters out of a book titled Simulacra and Simulation. Although it can be dry and thick at times, there are some interesting points and theories along the way...enough to keep me reading. I finished House on Mango Street last week in one day. It is a short read, but packs a lot of events and emotion in each small chapter. I think that I will have read more this semester than any other...and I'm enjoying every minute of it.

Kids: First games tomorrow. They got their new shirts yesterday and will get their socks at the games. They are in two different age groups but, incidentally, got the same color uniform; gold. Thankfully the sizes are different or they would have been arguing over which is theirs each game day. They seem to get better with each practice and I look forward to seeing them running up and down the field in their uniforms. I'm a sucker for a uniform.


Something McSomethingkins said...

What, are you having septuplets in segments?

I'm jealous that you get to read good books during this school semester; ones that you're justified in reading.

amisare waswerebeen said...

No, remember, I told you that I have a new niece and four new cousins being born in the next two months.

Something McSomethingkins said...

I'm aware; sarcasm you know.