Saturday, September 02, 2006

Saturday, what a day, groovin' all week with you!

It's a comfortable Saturday at home and I can breathe a bit. I had to write two papers yesterday and my brain was exhausted afterwards. So, now I am watching one of my fav movies on tv..."You've Got Mail". I'm not sure what the appeal of it is for me because it's technically classified as a love story. Not usually my thing, except for the occasional love film every ten years. But I love how it depicts New York, so romanticized and charming. The parks, the little shops, the markets, and the beautiful architecture. I think that I would really like NY and hope to find out soon. NY and Venice are my first top choices for family vacations.

I think another appeal is the literary angle of the movie. The main character owns a children's bookstore, the man of interest is the CEO of a bookstore corporation, another woman is an editor, another man is a journalist, and so on. I think that would be my niche in NY...the literary world. I even watched "Renaissance Man" with Danny DeVito earlier today because they were discussing Shakespeare's Hamlet. How nerdy am I? But it fills my soul when surrounded by literature and it intrigues me to see the many different ways to teach and share its beauties with others. Everyone should be introduced to at least one great book, whether they eventually love it or hate it. At least they had been exposed to something that made them think and will always be a part of who they are. I know...I'm getting a bit heavy. But I have a real passion for the written word. There's nothing like a good book transporting to you to another life, time, and place. I love it.

So, I have a friend that I have known for a while that is in a serious (I hate using that word, it implies a lack of fun) relationship. They seem to be sure that marriage is in the future for them. I find it fascinating to watch this unfold. I have never actually seen a friend fall in love. She is one of my best friends and yet I also feel a maternal protectiveness towards her. I have seen her go from a carefree dating machine to a committed, smitten girlfriend. I'm somewhat amazed and in awe of this sequence of events. I worry about if she is completely sure of it, if she has seen the future without the rose-colored glasses. I know that I had no idea what I was getting into when I married. When people marry (without the trial period of living together), they really can't anticipate the work, the humility, and the patience that is required, even in the happiest of marriages. However, I also know that it is very worth the effort. Maybe it's a good thing that newlyweds don't have such insight, or they would change their minds. I just sit on worry pins when I think of her, and hope for the best, like I know I will do when my children fall in love...when they're in their 30's. ;)


Something McSomethingkins said...

She'll be fine. No worse off than before at least, when she didn't believe there was such a thing as love.

amisare waswerebeen said...

Very true.

Mama P said...

I find the best way to handle friends falling in love is to be supportive and let them come to me with questions. If I am too upfront with the down side then they get defensive and start in on "why are you married then if you hate it?" which is not how I feel. I found love through trial, error and a solid head, and I'm sure your friend will, too.