Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Official Soccer Mom, Geek, and Bodybuilder

Well, I am an official mom now. I have become a soccer mom...minus the minivan. I prefer my Benz. Both of my kiddos are in soccer and today was their first practice. Neither of them have had much exposure to the game but really enjoyed themselves. My son's first game will already be on Thursday and my daughter has two more practices before her first. Hubby is coaching our daughters team and he managed to lose a kid during the first practice. They had a five minute water break and one boy didn't return. Hubby called his home phone after a few more minutes and they said that he had come home. We figured that he thought practice was over and were just glad that he was okay. That was a heart attack for us. It's like when you tell a kid to run home in baseball and they take it literally. Hubby had gotten the kids some shin guards and cleats the other day. He showed me my daughter's cleats and they were some of the tiniest ones I had ever seen. She would have gotten pink ones if they had any.

Here is something I thought I would never see...Jerry Springer ballroom dancing on tv. I have "Dancing the Stars" on and muted. I think if I ever voted on this, my favorite would have to be Mario Lopez...just because he's hot. Who cares if he can dance...have you see his dimples?! (Yes, the ones on his face!) There are a few new shows that I wouldn't mind seeing this fall, but will probably not have the time to. There's Ugly Betty, Men in Trees, Heroes, and maybe The Class and Shark. I will probably only end up watching one episode of each all year. But I do have my faithful shows CSI (original) and House. I just have to follow the drama of Grissom and Sara and also House's surly yet hilarious attitude. There was a show that was on tv last spring and I only caught one episode of it and unfortunately it was cancelled. It was called Teachers and I found it hilarious. It was, of course, about a group of teachers in a public high school and the dynamics between each other and with their students. Being the geek I am, I would like that show.

Well, I don't know if you recall a previous posting about how I wanted to try out an exercise video that I saw on an infomercial. (I know, already said that I was a geek. It should be understood that I watch infomercials at 2 am too.) Anyways, I had looked up reviews on it from REAL people that had tried it and really liked it. Well, I unscrewed my wallet and ordered it. I am on exercise day two. I actually started on Sunday and the beginner workout is only 24 minutes long. It was a good workout in that I did not pass out, was still able to breathe, got a good sweat going, and felt pretty good afterwards. The next day was another story. I woke up understandably sore, but it was doable. However, that changed as the day went on. By the end of the day, I wasn't walking much, stairs were a daunting task, and even sitting took a few groans. I, of course, did not work out yesterday...which is allowed as I only have to work out 6 days a week. I had no excuse today though because I don't think I can use next week's break too. But I have to say that I felt much better after today's workout. I will update you on my progress and results. Let me just say that I feel almost every muscle in my body...at least, the ones I use on a regular basis. I think that if it's sore, you're doing well; if it hurts, you did something wrong. Feel the burn...rahrr!

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