Monday, April 21, 2008

Scrub a Dub Sub

I am tired. Whenever I start out a post with that sentence, you should already know that means I subbed today. I subbed for Tiny's class, 2nd grade. I have come to fully understand the argument for smaller class sizes. These teachers have their work cut out for them. And those people out there that think teachers already make enough money, benefits, etc...I suggest sticking them in a classroom with 28 7-year-olds for 7 hours and see if they still feel the same at the end of the day.

When I talk about my sub experience, I have to remind myself to use the word "substituting" instead of "babysitting". Because, honestly, that what it often feels like I am there for. I'm supposed to keep them on task, keep them in line, and entertain them occasionally. And then I report back to the teacher. The main difference would be that I got paid a whole lot more as a teenager when I babysat than I do now.

But, that is the only job I plan to take this week. I mainly did it because Tiny has wanted me to sub her class for a long time and I never had the opportunity until now. For the rest of the week, I plan to work around the house. I am going to do a volunteer lesson for an hour on Wednesday in Mister's class, but that doesn't bother me cause the teacher stays in the class and helps keep them in line. I am going to focus on the house because one of my bestest friends, Nobby, is throwing me a baby shower this Saturday at my home. I am so excited. I invited all the Londolls, my sisters-in-law, and a bunch of ladies from church. Nobby sent out the cutest invites with little blue footprints and glitter. It's been so long since I had a party thrown for me, at least, not one that I didn't plan the majority of it myself. And she's such a sweetie to put it all together.

I registered at Wal-Mart for all the things I still need and some of what I want. Considering that my last baby is about to turn 8, I am definitely lacking a lot of baby supplies. But I know that whatever I'm not "gifted" with at the shower, and I don't acquire on my own, my mommy will take care of when they visit. You can always count on my mom and dad to spoil their grandbabies...and their babies in the process.

I have the nursery planned out. It will be simple since the room is small. But it will consist of light blue walls, blue curtains, white blinds, white trim, puppy dog bedding, a white crib, a glider rocker, some wall shelves and some storage bins. Very simple, calming and boyish. I'm so excited to get it all done.

After the shower on Saturday afternoon, we are also throwing Hobby a bachelorette party that night. The theme will definitely be naughty, and a lot of fun.

So, if I don't post again soon, it will be because I was lost in the abyss that is Mister's room in the attempt to clean it up. Either that or the soap scum in my shower will be holding me hostage. Toodles.

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