Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Heaven on a Spoon

I got my Lofte's pizza last night. And my pitcher of rootbeer. And it was perfect. Our friend, Mark, is the head chef there and the pizza is his own recipe. And it's awesome. I told him that that is exactly how pizza should taste. After three slices of pizza and three glasses of rootbeer, I was one happy woman.

And then, he suggested dessert. I wondered what he had up his sleeve. He went in the back and brought out two dishes of chocolate pudding. I took my first taste, closed my eyes and was in heaven. The taste was a cross between a fudge brownie and chocolate icing. Just perfect. I completely savored each bite, and also some of the kids'. It was wonderful. Just when I thought I had tasted his best, he brings out something new. I would have to say that that pudding is now my favorite dessert. That man can sure cook, and create. That pudding made up for the whole rest of the day.

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