Wednesday, June 27, 2007

3 a.m. and I need a nap

When I graduated, I knew that I would carry on many things that I learned and experienced through my college years. However, I never thought that all-nighters would be one of them. Lately, each night, I am up until 3 am and then end up sleeping in until about 10:30 am. I remember having a difficult time during school staying up past 11 pm to just read 2 chapters of theory. And now that I no longer have deadlines pressing on me, I am up all hours. Maybe I should pretend that I have a paper and a midterm due tomorrow plus 5 chapters of reading. Or I should just pull out my theory text book and I'd surely pass out after the first few lines.

Well, despite my weird hours, I am still managing to accomplish a few things. The kids actually made it to gymnastics today. They've missed the last three classes (my fault). I also took them to a children's concert at the library. (I'm angling for Mother of the Year.) ;) It's a weird feeling when you realize that your kids are focusing more on the beat and the instruments because the lyrics are a little childish for them. Wow. When did they get permission to grow up? They seemed to enjoy it though. They are also letting me know loud and clear that they are incredibly B-O-R-E-D being at home for the summer and miss school. (Yeah, I know, how many more years will I be hearing that? Not many.) So, I'm going to see about getting them into some lessons they've been asking about. For both of them, I could arrange swimming lessons and they are both interested in piano. Another possibility was getting them involved in childrens' theater. I'll have to look into these and sign them up.

Around the house, I've been mostly lazy. But I did kick a little butt on it yesterday. I cleaned out the washroom and had H rearrange the washer to make a little more room in there. Cleaning that out was no picnic because we had had a mouse visitor not long ago and he left a LOT of disgusting little pellets behind the washer. We managed to evict him a long time ago and these were all that remained. It was still an unpleasant task. I also got H to unclog the shower drain after I found the drano. After he did that, I re-caulked a seam in the shower stall. Project-wise, I painted two cabinet doors in the kitchen with the chalk paint. I figured that that would be easier than trying to find something to paint and hang on the wall. I would love to post a pic of it for you, but we seem to have misplaced the camera. So, keep an eye out for future pics, and rejoice for our finding the camera.

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