Wednesday, June 06, 2007

$8 For a Clean Room...What a Deal!

I think most of my posts will be after 2 am from now on. Anyways, I made a lot of progress on Tiny's room today. I finished the green (top half), around the trim, and did a first coat of the chalkboard paint. I need to put another coat or two of the chalkboard paint, touch up the trim with primer where the other paint overlapped, then put a coat of white on the door and trim. After that, it's just the border and stickers that need to be put up. My back was also acting up today and made it a bit uncomfortable to work. But it bothered me more to sit still, so I pressed on. Pics to come soon.

Tonight, we attended the graduation of H's boss' daughter from high school. Afterwards, we all congregated at Applebee's and enjoyed some chat, laughs, and food. It was fun and she is a good kid. She is going to look into Set Design (interior design for tv and movies) at an art school next. I think she'll do well.

I will be painting Mister's room after Tiny's and it will be blue with white trim. He also picked a border and stickers of Pirates of the Caribbean to put up. It should be considerably easier than Tiny's room. The other day, Mister started dropping hints in a very un-subtle manner that he wanted to get the Lego Racers comp game. I told him that I would look it up online if his room got small task. He has never managed to clean the whole room on his own. So, he disappeared into his room for almost three hours. I figured he gave up and was playing his other Lego game. Nope, he came out and proclaimed it clean. I inspected and couldn't believe the great job he did. Of course, the toys had been haphazardly placed in their bins and in the closet. But I have to say that, even with that, it was a great deal cleaner than I expected. I was impressed and, true to my word, I looked up the game, found it on sale on Amazon, and ordered it for him. If a $4 game + $4 shipping and handling will get him to clean his room that well, it is worth it. Hey, I'm not above the occasional bribe. I also don't mind being the recipient of one sometimes.

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