Monday, June 11, 2007

If the cans or the oreos fall off the car, can you get fined for littering???

This weekend was a busy one. On Friday night, me and the LonDolls went to the Groom's dinner for Nobby and her fiancee. It was a lovely dinner with about 100 people including family and a few friends. They had a video with pictures and video of the bride and groom from birth to present day. They are an incredibly cute couple. She is a gorgeous woman that radiates beauty inside and out. When she is talking to you, she makes you feel like there is not another soul in the world she would rather be with. Her smile and words make you feel loved and important. Her fiancee is the perfect compliment to her. He is also kind and just adores her. There were some great toasts made to the couple. Of course, us girls couldn't go without saying a few words about our wonderful Nobby. Our toast was basically what I just said above. We ate too much, took some pics, and said our farewells for the night.

On the way home, we dropped by our new IKEA. I have heard so much about this store and have not been in it. Unfortunately, we got there about 20 minutes before closing time and did not get to browse as much as we wanted. But we did see most of the store since they have it setup in a way that you have no choice but to walk through the whole store before exiting. I loved it though and will definitely head back there with more time to browse. After dropping off Mody, I headed for the dollar theater where H and the kids were watching "Are We Done Yet?". It was a cute movie, but definitely geared toward the younger audience. We then headed home and fell fast asleep.

Saturday morning, H and I, the kids, and Mody headed downtown. Nobby and her fiancee were getting married at the temple and H and I were lucky enough to be one of the few invited in for the ceremony (space is limited). Mody watched the kids for us while we attended. It was a beautiful and God-filled ceremony. It was heartwarming to see the two of them holding hands and promising forever. My eyes were leaking for the whole last half of the ceremony. Afterwards, we congratulated them and Nobby and I embraced with tears in our eyes and saying our 'I love you''s. She is a good person, and he is too. He makes her happy and I know they will do well. The reception wasn't until that night, so we took Hobby out for a birthday lunch at the pub. Mody, of course, joined us. Hobby turned 21 and joked that she was now legal to buy alcohol...not to drink, to cook with. She is a chef, after all. She's funny. The reception was in a town south of us, so we left early and were able to find it after some confusion. The reception was short, but sweet. They did all the traditional stuff: greeting line, cutting the cake, first dance (during which her grandpa stole away the bride at the end), father/daughter and mother/son dance, the tossing of the bouquet, and the send off in a car with cans trailing behind and oreos plastered to the windows (I don't know). She was happy, tearful, and, I'm sure, eager to start their married life. They are off on a cruise now and I'm sure they are enjoying every minute. I wish them the best.

Sunday, today, we were lucky enough to make a new friend at church. She just moved into town and we invited her over for dinner and also for Tiny's bday party tomorrow. She has two little girls that are really cute. We had a nice visit and I look forward to seeing more of her and her girls.

Well, it's 2:36 am and I have to get up early to buy the cake-making stuff, clean off the back porch, straighten up the house, decorate, and order pizzas for all the kids that will be tearing up my home in celebration of Tiny's 7th year tomorrow. 7 years already and she's still my baby in my eyes. Goodnight and God bless.

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