Thursday, April 05, 2007

Theatrical Thursday with The Goonies

Yes, I know that I am "technically" late for my Thursday theme. But I have an excellent excuse. I just got back from Nobby's bridal shower. I volunteered to help transport the gifts from the party to her house back in our town (about 40 minutes from the shower location). After driving a while, she called and said that she changed her mind and wanted to transport them to her fiancee's house instead, via an exit that we had already passed three miles ago. So, we (me and two other LonDolls) turned around, drove up a mountain to the house, dropped them off, and then proceeded to get lost on the way back down the mountain. Thankfully, Hobby had a tomtom that helped us to figure out where we were. After dropping off Hobby, and bringing Mody back to her car at my place, I am now sitting in my living room and it is almost 1am. I am tired.

The shower was a lot of fun and Nobby really made out on the gifts. I, of course, along with Mody, had to embarass her and buy the naughty stuff. I got her a journal with sensual quotes, two thongs and an edible body powder. Mody got her some breath freshener that was a total spoof cause it said that it was Irish and would give you fresh breath and an Irish accent. She also got her something to spray on your bed sheets that would smell good and freshen them up for what ensues. Another friend of Nobby's got her a ton of lingerie. It was a lot of fun watching her turn red.

After loading up the gifts in the cars, we joked that it would be funny to move Nobby's car, which was running, and make her think it was taken. But this backfired when she didn't look down the street, where it was parked, ran into the house and called 911. Apparently, there has been a history of cars stolen and broken into at this house and she thought it was for real. We had to tell her it was a joke and she hung up. 911, of course, called back and she explained what had happened. Thankfully, the operator had a sense of humor and jokingly offered to have the prankster arrested temporarily. Other than that horrible failure of a joke, it was a fun party.

So, on to the theme for the day. I think I may have to go with Theatrical Thursday.

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Something McSomethingkins said...

I'm sad to have missed it. And I see no "Goonies"