Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Television Tuesday...Part I

If, by chance, you happen to notice the time of this post, I'm sure you're asking yourself, "Doesn't this woman ever sleep?!"
The answer is, "No, not for the next four weeks anyway."
I just finished preparing a lesson presentation for tomorrow....er, today. And I read three chapter for theory for a quiz today. Not an easy feat. My week is unfolding as such:

Monday--Spanish class. Forget to write composition draft for Spanish. Beg teacher for extension, which is granted til Wednesday. Stay up until 6am prepping for theory quiz and language arts presentation.
Tuesday--6am and still jittery from energy drink. Quiz in theory. Presentation in Language Arts. Start composition for Spanish with Mody's help. Dinner at brother-in-law's house (different one than on Sunday). Finish composition in the wee hours.
Wednesday--Shop for Hobby's bridal shower gifts; one practical gift and one naughty. Spanish class. Composition due. Begin preparing Spanish presentation and slideshow for next week.
Thursday--Theory. Language Arts. Three lesson plans due (completed already...for once). Hobby's shower that night.
Friday--Student teach at junior high. Pick up kids. Try to shop for Easter, which I completely forgot was this weekend. Work on presentation more with Mister's help. I have no idea how to use powerpoint and my 10 year old son does.
Saturday--Clean house. Shop for Easter dinner. More homework.

That's my week in a nutshell. It has a nice balance of fun and brain cramps. I can't believe how much I got done tonight. And all it took was sacrificing a night's sleep. I'm going to rue that decision at approximately 2pm today. I just hope I don't drool on the window of the train on the way home. I am motivated to get through this month like I have never been before in any semester. They are having a bookstore graduation fair at the campus tomorrow. I am going to buy my cap, gown, and tassel and I will also be ordering my announcements. I told H that I wanted to get the generic announcements with my name card because they were cheaper and faster to order. But I am planning on getting some photos taken of me in my cap and gown to place in the announcements. I can't believe this is actually happening, and so soon. I'm loving every minute, no matter how stressful it can get in these last few weeks.


Lisa said...

You've got a crazy week. Hope all goes well.

amisare waswerebeen said...

Thanks. It has gone well so far. Keep the fingers crossed and the weekend in sight.

Whitney said...


You posted that just a little while before I got up for the day!!! You poor thing. :(

Something McSomethingkins said...

Go you!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE House! Thanks for the clip!

I hope you made it through your crazy week okay. Happy Easter!