Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Interviewed by Jannaverse...Need I say more?

1. You're 27 now! What do you know now, that you WISH you'd known when you were 18?
4 years of college
--------------------- = a bachelors degree in about 9 years
Part-time enrollment


INVEST in IPods, not Enron

2. Who would you rather have dinner with, Harry Potter or Shakespeare? What would happen?
Ooh, tough call. I love them both. I think I would have to pick Harry Potter. Shakespeare's pretty talented, but Harry has that whole "magic" ability in his favor. Who would you rather become friends with? A dead, albeit talented, writer or a friendly wizard that is cute and can fly a broom and is, not to mention, alive. Hopefully, we would have a lovely dinner with a dessert of Knickerbocker Ice Cream (yes, it's real) and fly around London on his Firebolt. He could show me all the magical places that are passed by each day without notice. Then we could use his invisibility cloak to sneak into theaters and to play pranks on people. (27 on the outside but still 13 sometimes on the inside)

3. What's the most important thing someone should notice about you?
I'm a woman of many talents. I can sew a quilt, write a 5 page paper on lit theory, quote numerous films, help my kids with their homework, bake something yummy, prepare a teaching lesson, play a decent game of pool, read any book, and write a poem...all while being able to still dress myself and perform magic with my hair and makeup.

4. If all you had was a box of raw spaghetti, some glue, dryer lint,and a paper plate, what crafts could you make?
I would make emoticon faces using the plate for the head, lint for hair, and the noodles to make the terse expressions...all held together with the glue, of course. Imagine a world without glue, our emoticon faces would slide off the plate everytime without it. How frustrating!

5. Imagine your autobiography is finished. What's the name of the very last chapter?
Since it would be the last chapter, I would probably try to go for being clever and memorable like "Exit, Stage Right" or "At least I'm still sane". But it would probably end up being something more original like "Chapter 29". Gotta appreciate the classic.

I would now like to thank Janna at the newly title Jannaverse for this interview. I really enjoyed it. If anyone would like to carry on this fun, comment that you do and I will send you some interview questions of your own.


Janna said...

I guess I'd probably pick Harry Potter too. :)
Thanks for doing this! You're the first of the six to post your answers! :)

amisare waswerebeen said...

What can I say? I love to procrastinate my homework.

Something McSomethingkins said...

I want in.