Saturday, April 21, 2007

Some Happiness in the Midst of a Stressful, Caffeine-Filled Week of Finals

A few bright spots that are keeping me going...

--We bought carpet today and scheduled its installation for our upstairs hallway. It had been pulled out after a bathroom flood over a year ago and the old, ugly floorboards have been showing for far too long.
--After watching the movie "Charlotte's Web" the other day, Tiny decided that she was going to read the book. She's already into the second chapter. This is her first chapter book and, being the bookworm that I am, I am SO proud.
--We came across a bakery discount store today just down the street from us. They sell breads, snacks, tortillas, chips, and more at incredibly low prices. We bought 3 loaves of bread, a box of cupcakes, a dozen tortillas, goldfish crackers, some tortilla chips, and some hoagie rolls. The grand total....$4.80. Can't get better than that. I'm definitely headed there again for all our bread needs.

Just thought I would share the happiness and now I have to get back to the homework torture.

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