Monday, April 09, 2007

I thought exercise was supposed to be good for you

I am completely laid up on the couch, lying motionless on my stomach, heating pad on my back, typing one-handed because I pulled a muscle in my lower back earlier today. That's what I get for excercising. After my walk (yes, I said walk) on the treadmill, I was about to get in the shower and was putting on some music. I leaned over slightly for, I guess, a moment too long and I could hear and feel the muscle pop. This was immediately followed by pain, which has only grown as the evening has worn on. This is not fun. This is the fourth time I have done this in the last four years. I think it is becoming a tradition. So, I am trying to heat it up enough that I will be able to function for school tomorrow. Anyone got any suggestions other than a heating pad and icy hot, which are both already being utilized?


Anonymous said...

try one of those heat therapy things... i can't think of the name of them now! you can buy them at walgreen's or the grocery store and you wear it like a belt under your clothes. it stays warm for like 8-12 hours or something. they're great, though... they keep you from getting too stiff.

hope you feel better soon!

Chris said...

Oh my word, am I familiar with that popping sound....

I'm afraid I relied on total rest for about 24 hours (I know you're supposed to move, but I could barely crawl), followed by industrial strength painkillers an the hottest bath I could bear.

Good luck, mine took about a week to get back to normal :-(

amisare waswerebeen said...

Becky and Chris,
Thanks guys. I'm feeling a lot better today. I can walk upright and all. Appreciate the advice.