Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Another All-Nighter

Here I sit at 12:14 a.m., telling the kids to keep it down and go to sleep (it's their spring break) and I'm facing a long night of reading and translating Spanish. Luckily, I have a Mountain Dew Amp to help me stay awake enough. But I am tired and feel lazy since I took it easy today on my back and refrained from exercising.

Good news: I got a theory quiz back with B on it. Nice, I'll take it. And REALLY good news.....MY ANNOUNCEMENTS CAME TODAY!!! They are really nice and each will soon contain a small pic of me in my cap and gown with my tassel hanging proudly in my eye (cause that is where it is naturally supposed to fall). I'm so excited. I read the inscription on the inside of the announcements to H and after I read my name and my degree, I choked up and almost started to cry. He hugged me and I felt so proud. A few more weeks of trudging through these last assignments and it's mine. I will really miss the university though since I am taking about a year off until grad school. It will be weird to not have three or four new classes to have to find, buy books for, and try to survive through in a few weeks. I will be enjoying my visiting family, then catching up around the house while trying to secure some form of employment that won't have me saying, "Price check at register 4." No offense to those in sales, but I've been in that job before and did not take out a ton of education loans to have K-Mart be my only option. (Please don't hunt me down and blind me with your scanners.)

I just finished the first draft of my slideshow presentation and will be editing it tomorrow and practicing before my class tomorrow night. Last minute, I know...story of my life. I am doing my presentation on Eva PĂ©ron. It was interesting to learn why she was so loved by her people. I will likely be reading a lot from my note cards, but not as much as some have. If we can get the visual media equipment to work with my comp, we'll be in business.

I have felt so good lately. I told H today that for the last while, anytime I pray I tell the Lord, "Thank you for my life. It's a pretty good one." Despite the stresses of school and sometimes at home, I always feel incredibly blessed. Even with the problems that my brother is experiencing, I hope for the best. We are all healthy and happy, and life challenges us enough to grow. How much more can you ask for?

Ok, I'll ease up on the tender moment for now. I better get back to work.

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Joe said...

Thanks for your comment on my page...sorry I haven't talked to you in a long time. You're very sweet. Thank you. I'll be back soon to catch up on your posts...I absolutely LOVE the pic of the painted kids!! Awesome! Thanks again. xo