Wednesday, March 12, 2008

World country song at a time.

About four years ago, I called in to a radio contest and actually got through. The contest was to enter a pumpkin drop competition (it was around Halloween) and the ultimate prize was tickets to see Toby Keith. So, I, along with the other contestants, dressed up in Halloween outfits and showed up at a downtown shopping center where there is a really tall water tower. We had to climb to the top of the water tower and each drop our pumpkin off the edge and try to land it in a cutout sunroof of a junker car. Whoever landed their pumpkin in the car won the tickets, or even the one that got closest to it, if no one got it in.

I was about the fourth person to drop my pumpkin. My kids had chosen the pumpkin from the store and painted it up for the contest. So, I took a deep breath and let it fly. AND IT LANDED IN THE CAR!!! I was shocked and let out a loud scream of joy and waved to H and the kids down on the ground. I was the only one to land it in there. It felt awesome! So, H and I got the concert tickets and, apparently, I was even on a short interview on the news that night, though I never saw it.

Opening for Toby Keith was Terri Clark. This woman is one of my favorite performers. Her songs are so awesome. That night, she performed a song that had just begun to get playtime on the radio, but was not yet released on CD. It was titled "The World Needs a Drink". I loved that song and was hoping she would play it. I don't think this song was nearly as popular as it should have been. Sometimes you hear a country song that is incredibly clever, ironic, or just catchy. And that is why I love country music...they really know how to turn a phrase.

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