Friday, March 07, 2008

A Very Wonderful Etsy

My endlessly creative friend, Jen, over at The Laundry? It's Never Finished has opened up a new Etsy store, Bliss Home Goods, filled with colorful, whimsical art and crafts that would perk up any home. Some of her products include handpainted art, unique fabric, canvas bags and more. All items are handmade and beautiful. She is adding more items to her store each day and is filled with ideas for future products. So, please take a look and see if she has anything that would perk up your home or space. She is also open to new ideas, so if you have any, let me know and I'll make sure she gets them.

This new store is in addition to her Etsy fabric store, Jen's Bliss, where she sells a variety of fabric. She has added a lot of new patterns since I last posted on it. So, have a look and have some fun.

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