Saturday, March 08, 2008

The term "sleepover" doesn't always imply any sleep will take place

Have you heard that constant exposure to any noise above that of a single person talking can be harmful to your ears? I heard this recently and am now a believer. Tiny had her first friend sleepover last night. Yep. Her BFF, Romy, is a sweet girl that is very articulate and quite bright. However, when you combine a 7-yr. old, an 8-yr. old, and Mister who is 11, you get quite a volume. Thankfully, they actually fell asleep about midnight, which is pretty rare at any sleepover. And then I was awakened bright and early at about 6:30 a.m. to laughing and talking. Our house may not be small, but sound travels really well through it.

In all the excitement last night, H and I retreated to the dining room where we spent the rest of the evening, having a pretty satisfying, uninterrupted conversation. We then holed up in the bedroom all night. This morning, H hurried off to a seminar for the rest of the day. I tried to sit in the living room for about 5 minutes until the noise was just too much for my apparently "too old" ears. I am once again hiding in the dining room. I will definitely need to remember all this if Tiny ever asks to have a full-blown, 10-girl slumber party. I think the only way that will be happening is if we hire a chaperone and H and I book ourselves into a hotel for the night.

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Mody said...

Romy was soooo cute. She sure is a talker. I'm glad Holly has such a nice and interesting friend to share some girl time with. As for the noise, just put some kleenex in your ears. Works for my grandma!