Sunday, January 06, 2008

Ice and Chocolate from Floor to Ceiling

This post from Apartment Therapy got me thinking about the recent popular decorating trend using browns and blues together. It is a combination that seems to work well together in everything from weddings to bedding to home decor.

I, myself, have also succumbed to this trend. I purchased this bedding set for H (well, for me too) for Christmas.
But I began to wonder what it was that inspired this particular color combination. What was the original designer thinking, seeing, experiencing that got them to this idea? And then it hit me while looking at these colors. That blue isn't really just's ice blue. And that brown isn't just's chocolate. This choice of words seemed to be right when I had more luck finding the example pictures I wanted by deleting "brown" from my search and substituting "chocolate" instead.
So, how this ingenous person came up with "chocolate" led me to realize how he/she got the idea for the ice blue. What, besides chocolate, does a woman love??? For most women, JEWELRY. What is the most famous jewelry store known to every diamond-loving woman???
Tiffany's, of course. So, what this brilliant person has discovered that if you show us women a room drowned in two colors that remind us of chocolate and jewelry...chances are that the trend will catch on and any store carrying any product that will fill our rooms, weddings, and closets with these colors are sure to be bestsellers. Smart, very smart. And here's a treat for you for putting up with my thought process:


Ryan and Breelyn Ehin said...

I love this color combination! It is so calming, and of course Tiffany and Co. springs to mind which is in no way a bad image :) I love the bedspread! Fabulous choice!

jennifer said...

Excellent observation, my friend! Choco and Tiffany' wonder this color combo grew on me!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

i had a house once that i did all in browns and blues and it was lovely. i never got tired of it...

smiles, bee