Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Preview

The kids got dressed up in their costumes to go to the Fall Festival at Tiny's school. Little Man is Superman, Tiny is a Clone Trooper, and Mister is Jengo Fett. They had fun playing games and eating a lot of sugar. I would have taken pictures of the festivities, but the camera batteries didn't last long enough. Some highlights of the night were Mister creaming the principal with a whip cream pie, right in the face. It was great. Also, Mister and I played Guitar Hero, he was on the guitar and I was on the drums. I've never played it before and can see why it is so addictive. We rocked out to "Eye of the Tiger" and it took me most of the song before I could consistently play 3 notes. Before that, I could only play two. The kids complimented me on my skills and said I did great for my first time. They're the best.

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