Thursday, October 01, 2009 the mail.

Minor setback. The last medical record that I was waiting for my recruiter to receive? The last one I needed before I could FINALLY schedule my physical? Yeah, the hospital mailed it to the wrong address.

So, somewhere in the 5000 block of Patterson Way in El Paso, TX, someone is looking at an ECG of my heart and wondering why in the world someone would mail that to them. They are probably calling the police, thinking that someone is sending something obscene in the mail. Hopefully not. I'm hoping they will simply notice that it is not addressed to them, that they are not the listed AF recruiter on the envelope, and they will just return to sender.

On the positive side, the hospital is doing a redo and will, I hope, be mailing out the record to the proper address in the morning. I won't hold my breath. Ironically, the hospital said that I needed to fill out a new release of information in order to be HIPAA-compliant. Makes me wonder if it's HIPAA-compliant that some stranger in El Paso is having my medical information hand-delivered to them. I might find this all funny when the recruiter finally receives it.

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