Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I think

Our house finally sold yesterday. All the papers are signed, recorded, and filed. It is a short sale, so we were basically just getting out from under it. We haven't been able to afford it for almost a year now. The lady that bought it seemed to really want it for her own. She even chose to repair the roof, replace the carpets, and make some minor repairs...all before she was even approved for the loan. All I know about her is that she teaches piano, and that she now owns our house.

I told the kids that the house finally sold. One of them asked, "Is that good news?"

I said, "Yeah." And while I walked away, I whispered, "I think."


Nicole said...

awe, good luck Roberta!

Alisha H. said...

I am glad your house sold.... I think =) I am sure everything will keep working out~!~ Keep the faith!

Heidi said...

Big sigh of relief! I'm so happy for you!!

Great new bloggy look by the way. :)