Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Tick Tock, Chocolate, and Dismembered Mannequins

Still waiting for the recruiter to call to schedule my physical. He was going to check on it this morning, but since I haven't heard from him, I'm guessing that it's not time yet. I am so anxious.

I will be finishing my required observations tomorrow in order for me to start substitute teaching. The process to do it in NM is a lot more involved than in UT. But, I think it will only help me be a better sub. I am hoping to start subbing on Friday.

Tiny is participating in a school fundraiser, selling chocolate bars. I gotta say, selling chocolate is a LOT easier than all of that other fundraiser crap (i.e. gift wrap, candy tins, cards, etc). We went up and down my parents' street, knocking on neighbors doors, and she sold the whole box (50 bars @ $1 each) before we finished the whole street. So, tomorrow, she is going to bring 2 boxes home, 100 bars. Her goal is to sell 30 boxes of chocolate by the 22nd. If she accomplishes this, which I think she will, she will get every prize that the company offers. She's amazing! No fear, she just walks up, tells them what she is doing, presents her chocolate offerings, thanks them (whether they buy or not), and walks back to me with cash in hand and a smile on her face. She's a natural at everything when there is a goal she wants to meet. I loved being with her to see her accomplishing the steps to her goal. Sometimes, one moment can compensate you for every day of this job we call parenting. It's awesome.

She told me that there is a boy in her classes that has already sold two boxes ahead of her. She also let me know that it's the same boy that has the highest score on an internet math game that the class participates in (she is in 2nd place). I told her, "I guess you have some competition, huh?" and she smiled and said, "Yeah." Too funny sometimes.

Little Man and I walked about 2 miles this morning, just strolling through neighborhoods nearby. I definitely need to bring the camera along on these walks though. If you would look at some of these streets as a whole, they look kinda shabby and old. But, if you look carefully at each house, you can find some real gems. They are some of the oldest houses in town and they have a lot of Victorian influence. Some are not so grand, but are well taken care of. And then you also have the oddball houses that seem normal, until you notice a full-body mannequin stylishly posing in the corner of the yard, or a disembodied mannequin head peeking out of an attic window. Yeah, expect some blogworthy pics soon.

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