Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tiny's not so tiny break.

Tiny broke her arm today at church. The kids were playing up on the stage in the auditorium and slippery dress shoes + slippery wood floor = Tiny falling down hard. I saw her crying quietly and showing her arm to Mister. I figured that she might have squished her finger in a door or something. But she told me about her fall and said that something popped in her arm. Looking down on her arm, I didn't really notice anything strange but she insisted that it was crooked. So, H and I looked at it, this time from another angle, and sure enough, it was bowed on the bottom of her forearm. We headed to the ER and had it x-rayed. While waiting for the doctor, her and Mister watched "The Addams Family Values" on tv and snacked. She was doing much better and said it didn't hurt that much after a while.

But it was definitely broken. She now has a splint and will see a specialist in a couple of days. The doc on call thought that since kids' bones are pretty rubbery that they might not need to set the bone. It is only broken about 3/4 of the way through one of the bones in the forearm. With kids, bones tend to mend easier and usually don't need setting with this type of break. But we will need to see if the specialist agrees with that. So, for now she is in a splint and sling (with teddy bears and balloons on it). She is also on motrin and in bed, resting. I'm so thankful that it wasn't a much worse injury and that it seems that it will heal fine on its own...we hope. So, prayers are appreciated.

I'm off to bed...a lot of excitement for one day.

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Bryan and Whitney said...

Poor Tiny! I hope she's holding up okay. She's about the age my cousin was when she broke her arm in gymnastics. I hope the damage is small enough that she doesn't have to have it set; it would be a lot easier on her, like you said! Wishing, hoping, and praying the best for you guys and especially her!