Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I Did Something Stupid: Part Deux

This may become an ongoing theme. I decided to rearrange the livingroom furniture today, something I do only 1 or 2 times a year. If you've ever seen my furniture, you know that we're not talking about dinky, light IKEA furniture here. Nope, big and sturdy. After changing my mind on the layout three times and moving almost every piece around four times, my back was feeling the burn. Sure enough, an hour after I was done and was finally relaxing on the couch, I adjusted myself slightly and felt that familiar twinge run from my lower back to the middle. Yep, I tweaked my back...again. This has become a semi-regular occurrence in the last few years. I remember once trying to pull a hangar out from under a door where it was stuck, and I actually felt something pop in my lower back. So, I now anticipate that I will be quite sore tomorrow and will be walking funny (think along the lines of a strutting rooster). It usually only last a day or two, just enough time to appreciate my back when it's not tweaked out. Hope you're faring better than I.


Anonymous said...

Eek. Tweaked backs are no fun! I hope yours is feeling better!

Mody said...

Ouch. Hope your back feels better! We know you're like superwoman, but be careful about lifting the couches.