Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happiness in Hard Times

Where to begin? I have a rare moment this morning. Little Man is snoozing upstairs with H and the kids are at school. I almost feel like I should just sit on the floor and meditate. Maybe that would clear out some of the things cluttering my mind.

H is looking for a side job since real estate is so slow. Now is not the best time for the profession. Thankfully, we have a lot of support around us, we are really blessed. But, like millions of others, these are some hard times we're experiencing.

I read on the news yesterday of a lot of people that are so downtrodden by the economy and financial crisis that they are taking their lives and the lives of others. This stunned me. Maybe it's because I am so blessed with a loving family, great friends and so much support that it's hard for me to think that life would ever be so hard that I would feel like there is nothing left for me here. There's so much more to life. I told H that even if we were completely broke and living with our parents again, no job, no money...we would still have so much. We are healthy, we have each other...that is a lot. I hope others feel that way too. So, to all my family and friends, I hope you all know just how loved you are and how much it means to me to have you in my life.

On to happier things, Little Man is growing so big. Even on the hard days, he's a joy. And, boy, he loves his brother and sister.

That smile warms my heart. And I look forward to each breathy laugh. How could I ever dwell on the negative when I have such a handsome pick-me-up every day?

I could post more, my life is so full right now, but I better start the day. Have a blessed day!


Bryan and Whitney said...

Oh, those PICTURES! Little Man is getting so big! What in the world? Who said he could grow up? ;)

As for the blender, yes, it's a Vitamix. I don't think I could live without it now. The texture it can achieve is incredible -- smooth as sorbet! It makes me happy you have one too. We are a little obsessed!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more. God has blessed us so much! If Erick were to lose his job...if we were back with mom and dad, well, the more the merrier. :)
And my word...Little Man is Little Henry! Wow!